It has been a tough couple of weeks, which is weird because there isn’t any specific crisis going on. I’m trying to get a grip on all the seemingly small things that feel like they are crowding in on me and pulling me down.

Our income is fixed. This means our income will never go up. It will stay the same until we die. Meanwhile, prices keep rising. We aren’t in a wildly inflationary period, but even so, I’m glad we don’t eat much. And I’m very glad my medications are generic. Every week, the same money buys a little less than it did the week before. Just a little bit.

I’m fighting an outgoing tide and an undertow.

Atlantic shore

I’m having trouble focusing. I want to pull a pillow over my head and vanish for a while. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. So I’m swimming like mad, but the tide’s going out while the undertow is pulling with it.

The breakers are pounding me on the head.

I nearly drowned in an outgoing tide and an undertow. It was in Herzliya, Israel. Unbelievably, It was also more than 30 years ago. I was swimming as hard as I could — which isn’t all that powerful. I can swim, but I have no kind of power in my stroke. So, I was making no headway. None.

I finally saved my life by just grabbing a lungful of air whenever I could and letting the waves push me onto the sand.

Maybe that’s what I need to do now. Except I have a feeling it worked out better in the Mediterranean than it would with life.

13 thoughts on “AN OUTGOING TIDE WITH AN UNDERTOW – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. In Australia we call that undertow a ‘Rip’ and they result in several deaths each year on our coasts, even those with Life Guards on patrol. You were lucky. I doubt you will find yourself in that position again, but the best advice is to swim parallel to the shore for about a 100 metres/yards or so, this should take you out of the seaward flowing current then you can swim as normal back to shore. Some people know this yet still panic and try to fight the current/head directly for shore and tragedy can be the result.

    Fighting the current of inflation is likely to prove about as effective.

    Maybe with the steady decline in employment and wages, relative to world production – thanks to modern technologies and computer intelligence, the idea of a Universal Basic Income will finally grow sufficient momentum to ensure all can live without those fears and pressures of a life ending in poverty. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Relying upon the Lottery for retirement support has failed me the last 30 years. 😉

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    • Basically, that’s what I did. Calling for help was pointless. No one heard me over the water. We call them rip tides too and they show up anywhere that the ground is uneven and swirls the water around. But in this case, swimming was pointless. I was, though, close enough to shore to just let the waves push me to shore. I just had to grab a lungful of air whenever my head got to the surface. It was terrifying, actually and I’ve never wanted to swim in the ocean again.

      The lottery hasn’t done much for US, either.

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    • I can swim, but I’m not good at it. As long as it isn’t a strong tide, I can manage. But never a strong swimmer. I’m awash in what seem to be small things, trying to at least get control over the utilities, those endless monthly expenses that are always larger than you expect. That’s the undertow!

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