Birds with pointy beaks -6- March Spiky Squares!

Our world is still buried in snow but somehow, Garry got out on the deck and shoveled his way to the feeder. Which was good because one of our squirrels had just emptied it.

That squirrel stares me down through the windows. I KNOW he can see me but he seems to know that as long as I’m in the house, I’m no danger, so he just eats and eats and eats. I don’t mind his eating, but it would be nice if he left a little for the birds.

So after Garry put fresh food out, the birds descended in force!

Who has the pointiest beak? The woodpeckers. This is the downy, the little one, but he still has a hard head and a strong beak.
Move Downy Woodpecker
Also a very pointy pecker, the nuthatch is nearly as pointy as the woodpecker.

Happy spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and barbed’ squares!


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

12 thoughts on “POINTY BEAKED BIRDS: SQUARE AND SPIKY MARCH DAY 6 – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. They can consume the entire contents of the flat feeder — and we put a LOT in it — and a good part of the hanging feeder. I don’t usually mind, but sometimes, they get to eating and I need them to not finish off ALL the food. Let the birds have a chance too. Squirrels aren’t good at sharing.

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  1. So Woody was watching while I filled up the bird feeders? What a wanker!

    On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life


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