SPEAKING OF HOPE – Marilyn Armstrong

Much as I don’t like answering endless questions, I do like great quotes when I come across them. The problem with most quotes about “hope” is that they are treacly. Sweet and phony.

Hope is not a solution. It’s a key, something to keep you going when all you want to do is crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head. It manifests in various ways.

For me, it’s curiosity. I can’t bear the idea of not knowing what will happen. Many times when the world was a dark and dangerous place, my curiosity kept me moving towards … whatever. Good, bad, or indifferent, I want to know what it is.

Here’s one from Bradley Whitford (he was Josh on West Wing for those who remember the show).

Hope-Bradley Whitford

Thank you, Melanie!
Also, a poke at Rory who I think got this started.

And let me know what the other selections are. I will do them if I can. I do some challenges, but they are always writing challenges or photography.

What I do NOT do are the “oh look, another nomination that wants me to answer a lot of questions I’ve long since answered and then ask 473 people to participate.”

I don’t really know more than two people, you being one of them, who still does these. Trust me, there will come a time when you aren’t interested either. But – if the challenge is a challenge and not a chain letter … and it holds some interest for me, I can be cajoled.

Sometimes twice.

If anyone else feels like jumping in, please feel welcome.

Hope is a good thing to keep in your cupboards, much like canned soup. Just in case you run out of everything else, it’s good to have a casket of hope to fall back on.

21 thoughts on “SPEAKING OF HOPE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Thanks Marilyn for being a good sport. I’ve tucked that “will do SOME challenges, just not questions please” nugget away for a future time when again I HOPE you’ll ‘play’. That quote paired with the incredible photo of the woodpecker is priceless.

    And from sharing your thoughts on hope, you’ve perhaps inadvertently given me some. Thank YOU. I can use it just now.


    • Hope really is the canned soup of reality. You keep it in the cupboard and when everything else runs out, there’s the hot soup. Not the best homemade soup in the world, but add a piece of toast and it’s dinner. For it really IS curiosity. I’m always sure something interesting is waiting around the corner. I don’t know what it is. It may be awful or great or merely curious, but at least it’s something — else.


  2. What a great quote. And the woodpecker reminds me to tell you that when I opened the window shades a woodpecker was sitting on a little bench where Jim had put peanuts in a shell. He/she grabbed one and flew away. 😁


    • Hope really is the canned soup of feelings. You can keep it on your shelf until that day when you forgot to buy food and there it is. Soup — or — hope. Something hot and filling that waits for you until you need it.


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