HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, JEFF – Marilyn Armstrong

I married Jeff in 1965. I was 18, he was 26. I was still finishing my B.A. Both Jeff and I needed to get out of our parent’s homes and make a life. It was a  classic “jailbreak” marriage and for a long time, it worked well.

But time marched on and I wanted to move on. He wanted everything to stay the same — and so we parted. I went to Israel and he stayed where he was.

Graphic Jeff, Studio A

When I was sad, Jeffrey used to sing to me. This is the song he sang.

For one birthday, I bought him a wind-up snow globe. It played “You Are My Sunshine” and had a big green frog on a lily pad in the water. When you wound it, it played that song. He kept the globe as long as he lived, which was not nearly long enough.

Happy birthday, Jeff. You would have been 80 years old today and I wish you were alive so I could tease you about your age.

You should still be here.

28 thoughts on “HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, JEFF – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Gordon, I’m just so glad YOU asked this question. Because I was – since 2 days ago – wondering whether I got my knickers in an almighty twist over my remark because, if I remember correctly, I wrote my comment thinking that I made it to Marilyns post, but replying to Garry’s comment…. Speaking of complicated! 😉 😉

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  2. Not to intrude on what perhaps you intend to keep private, but I have to ask. Is this Jeff the same one Garry just honored? If the query is too personal, bury it unanswered in cyberspace! Hope you and Garry have a great first day of Lent.

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  3. It’s good to be able to part and not be angry/bitter/frustrated…. Happy Birthday Jeff…. RIP
    I feel the same about my ex. He gave me my son Daniel and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

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