TEMPERATURE AND WINTER IN NEW ENGLAND – Marilyn Armstrong, Photos -Garry Armstrong


“Oh, the temperature outside is shocking …” and it really is. Really really cold, though it’s supposed to go up into the 40s over the weekend. I hope so. Because nothing is melting.

Photo Garry Armstrong

Photo Garry Armstrong

Photo Garry Armstrong

Holly, By Garry Armstrong

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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen a close up of your mailbox before. Are those both yours? They really do have those little red flag things.


  2. 🙀.

    29 yesterday morning…. 75 this afternoon.

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  3. You have a ridiculous amount of snow there, Marilyn. Do the dogs try to escape now that their fences have turned into little hills? I don’t know how you get a single thing done in winter. Stay warm.


  4. Not sure how we managed it, going from 4 ft of snow to nothing and within two days, ugly ass beatles the like of which I’ve never seen before showing up. Ugh!

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  5. As utterly beautiful these pixs are, this feels awful too – you must despair – alone in your hidden house with tons of the white stuff. Keep warm and cozy up with a hot tea and something to make the time pass.

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  6. That is serious snow! Beautiful, though…

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  7. It’s frigid here too. The forecast is this is winter’s last blast.

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