CHECKING OUT? – Marilyn Armstrong


Welcome to Bizarro!

I just bought another one of his books.
Whenever I need a laugh, it’s waiting for me.

I was amused to realize that the website he gave up on was WordPress, but it wouldn’t load or it loaded too slowly for anyone … so between when I wrote this (like two days ago?) and today, he swapped sites. No longer WP. He also has space on Facebook and Twitter. These are hard days for cartoonists with so few newspapers being published.

12 thoughts on “CHECKING OUT? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I fixed it. Apparently, he changed his website. But I found the right one! The others were all “comic sales” sites. I suspect he opted for a higher security site. A lot of this is ‘a world in motion.’ As the spammer, scammers, and hackers update, so do most other sites. You’ve seen it on WordPress. Not very successfully and with a lot of lumps and bumps … and it will never end. Because the fun folks who like to destroy other peoples’ sites are forever busy and need feeding.


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