Now, these are spikes!

I thought you might be tired of my cactus, so allow me to introduce the spikiest water lilies I’ve ever seen. We think of water lilies as flat, but they come in a lot of shapes and this one is very common along the shores of the Blackstone River.

Taken last November, but neglected until today.

Spiky water lilies

And remember it is not just spiky squares we are looking for, you can also be jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy.

Oh, and today is my birthday. I’m … gasp … 72. And still alive!

17 thoughts on “SPIKY WATER LILIES IN THE BLACKSTONE RIVER – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Happy Birthday Marilyn, you share a birthday with our grandson, tomorrow is one of my best friends and Wednesday is our younger sons birthday. He’s the one on the chairlift with the dog. You are among my favourite people.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marilyn, you truly are a SURVIVOR. May you live a day full of beauty, kindness, a particularly nice meal (preferrably not cooked by yourself! – I don‘t know if Garry is a cook but one can hope) and a special chorus by your assembled birds‘ symphony orchestra & choir…. sending much love and a smile from France, Kiki


  3. I know it’s your birthday today, even my iPad reminded me yesterday so wishing you a very happy one. We might be getting older but we can write about it. Have a good day and let yourself be spoilt as I am sure you will be.


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