The Birthday Basket Bouquet -FOTD – 03/13/19

Garry really went all out for this birthday. He actually ordered this in advance. That’s right. NOT picked up at the supermarket on the day of my birthday but planned. In advance! Including little hand painted birds.

It definitely improved my mood. I would have liked to take better pictures outside, but the deck is still pretty mucky with melting, sodden snow and ice. Not to mention a few dozen birds!

This probably the best picture, but it only shows the painted Chickadee

I think you can almost see the little painted Cardinal and of course, the Chickadee

The red side of the bouquet

And a painted Chickadee

The best part of the picture are the two sleeping Scotties on the sofa. I think they sleep all day so they can bark all morning! They were just SO excited about my annual event.

38 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY BASKET BOUQUET – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Thanks. I REALLY wanted to do something special instead of the “last minute run out for flowers” bit. I thought on it a lot, considering financial limitations. Knowing Marilyn is really into birds right now, I thought that should be a theme. So, a week before Marilyn’s birthday, I went to the special flower store for help. I explained what I was looking for — my first thought — having a big basket — with a floral layout saying “Happy Birthday, Marilyn”. No, that would be too many words for the layout. So, I said “Just have a layout with ‘Marilyn’ spelled out”. I thought this would be peachy. The woman looked at me compassionately and said, “No, I don’t think that would be appropriate”. I was crestfallen! Thought it was a nifty idea and I’d never done anything like that before. I was really bummed out. The saleswoman saw the look on my face and explained, “Sir, spelling out your Wife’s name looks good for a funeral”. I was stunned. Never occurred to me. So, options were discussed. Flower types, arrangements and ornaments. I wanted two birds on top of the arrangement. A red bird because Marilyn has talked a lot about cardinals, finches, etc. I wanted a second bird – a blue bird. Thought it might look like husband and wife birds. The saleswoman smiled, saying she could work that out. We hammered out a price and settled on a pickup date. It would have to be Monday because the flower shop is closed Sundays. But Monday was Marilyn’s birthday. I settled on the earliest pickup time. Monday came. I raced out of the house, saying nothing to Marilyn. I wanted the surprise factor. The floral arrangement was ready and waiting for me. I looked it over and paid. As I walked out, I saw a couple of women smiling at me in approval. I hoped Marilyn would like it.

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