17 thoughts on “SHINY AND FUN PHOTOS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • At the moment, it looks like cars always look as winter ends: covered with the road crud. It needs a really thorough bath which I hope we will get for it during the next few weeks, assuming we aren’t going to get more snow. We might GET more snow! There’s a huge storm in the midwest that’s heading this way. 50-50 whether or not we’ll get hit by it.

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      • All the pics are nice, especially the last one. Cue up “Love Letters In The Sand”, “True Love” and “Canadian Sunset”. Roll EVERYTHING!


    • That’s what it looked like BEFORE winter began. Now it looks like post winter. All grimy and grungy. But since we’re expecting more precip of some kind (snow? sleet? rain?) we might as well wait.


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