WHAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL? – Marilyn Armstrong

What’s the POINT?

“321 Quote Me Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

The subject of these quotes will be:  “Life.”

I have a lot of stuff for this one!

“Life. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.”
— Marilyn Armstrong

If you aren’t sure, this is the movie to watch.

In other words, zero

And now the dope is mostly legal most of the time …

Snoopy and Charlie Brown discover life

The meaning of life during dinner with Mom

Anyone who has something they might want to add? Please feel free to do it. I just had a bundle of “meaning of life” cartoons … and a few posts too.

I’ll spare you the posts.

15 thoughts on “WHAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL? – Marilyn Armstrong

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    • We ARE all going to die. That’s the way it goes and it doesn’t matter how rich or famous you are. It’s 100% for everyone. So it’s what you do in the middlle which counts. We will also ALL be forgotten — except for a few military leaders, kings, queens, and terrible people too awful to forget, although apparently even that’s not as true as I thought. So let’s make the best of it and shut up about “meaning.”

      Meaning is up to us.

      We choose. We live with our choices.

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      • There’s a scene in “Hombre”, I believe. Bad guy Richard Boone tells hero Paul Newman “You’re gonna die, Mister!”. They’re in a face off gunfight. The stoic Newman replies, “Hey, everybody dies…just a matter of where and when”. Newman then beats Boone to the draw.


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