SHORT DIVISION – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Division "Mom?" "Yes. son?" "We're learning long division in school. I hate it. What's short division? Maybe I would like short division better?" "Son," she answered, "Short division is what you can do with the fingers of one hand using just five fingers. If it doesn't fit on five fingers, you will … Continue reading SHORT DIVISION – Marilyn Armstrong

SPIKY PINK CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

Spiky Pink Cactus - 03/16/19 It has been very springlike for the past couple of days, though it will be rather colder for the next few days. Probably because spring is actually coming and it always seems to get cold as the season technically arrives. This is more or less normal in this part of … Continue reading SPIKY PINK CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong


The "What Ifs" of Life, by Rich Paschall Certainly, you have seen some of the various questions surrounding you being stranded on a desert island.  If you were stranded, who would you like to be with?  What 5 things would you take along?  What 5 things that you have now could you do without?  What … Continue reading STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND? – Rich Paschall


I hardly ever find a use for my wide-angle lens, but this was perfect. The bathroom is very narrow, so I got a few extra shots using my 12-mm Olympus lens. It gets much better color than the Panasonic lens does and I think also a sharper finish, too. You can see a little more … Continue reading A FEW MORE SHOWER INSTALLATION PICTURES – Marilyn Armstrong