WORLD SHARING AS MARCH TRUDGES ALONG – Marilyn Armstrong, Photos: Garry Armstrong

Marilyn Armstrong – Photos: Garry Armstrong


Do You Have Any Guilty Pleasures?

At my age? Not really. I probably did, but honestly, I seem to have forgotten what they were. I think maybe they were chocolate covered raspberry jellies. Not much of a guilty pleasure, now that I think about it.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Downtown Uxbridge
What is the worst pick-up line you ever heard?  

On a personal level, I don’t think anyone tried a pick-up line on me. I wasn’t the type. I was too snarky and bookish. Not the pick-up line type.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Downtown Uxbridge, late winter

But my personal favorite is “Do you come here often?” Garry says that to me every time we bump into each other in the kitchen.

What slang or trend makes you feel old?

Hearing the Beatles as elevator music.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Wall by the old cemetery
What do you consider the most overrated song?

I don’t listen to music much anymore. I have no idea what people are listening to. If you asked me what the most overrated book was, I might give it my best guess, but a song? It’s a total blank.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – By the Mumford River
Instead of a tender mercies question, here’s a philosophical one. You find a book and begin to read only to discover it is your life. You read to the point at which you currently are, do you flip the page — knowing you will be unable to change events to come?

No. And, I wouldn’t read that far, either. I prefer to live my life, not read about it. Oh, wait. That’s what blogging is for. But at least it’s about what has already happened or is already planned.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

9 thoughts on “WORLD SHARING AS MARCH TRUDGES ALONG – Marilyn Armstrong, Photos: Garry Armstrong”

  1. 10/10…… Love this!
    Garry’s pick-up line is the BESTest…. 🙂
    Guilty pleasures? NOPE, LIfe is too short for guilt! If I do ‘pleasures’, I enjoy it – sans remords…
    No slang or trend makes me feel old. What makes me feel old is my state of health – some days – or else a look in the bathroom mirror!
    Finding a book telling MY LIFE: With the thousands of books I’ve read, I haven’t found one telling my life. I actually hope I’ll never will as I rather think that my life is uniquely MINE….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What makes me feel, not feel but realize I am old, (79 coming this May), when someone takes my photo and I look at it! Last Sunday, on St. Patrick’s Day, my picture was taken with my granddaughter, and I thought surely the camera must be broken, I am not that old!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know about the most over rated book, but my favourite is The Lost Stradivarius by J. Meade Falkner (1895).The English writing is so artful I took a lot of pleasure reading it.


  3. I’m ‘borrowing’ that book question for the next Share Your World. You’ll get full credit, although no reimbursement. I’d love to send money, but as everyone else, “Sparks” is broke. The state of things as we know it, isn’t it? I liked the pick up line. Very funny!!


    1. It’s particularly funny in our extremely narrow hallway. We have bookcases in the hallway and it wasn’t all that wide in the first place, so it’s squeeze play anyhow. “You come here often?” “Ooph!” “I guess so!”


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