FOWC with Fandango — Symptoms! 

I almost palpitated with excitement. Symptoms? I have so many of them. Oh joy!

Then I realized I don’t actually want to talk about them. I want everyone to know about them, after which please pretend they don’t exist. Don’t ask me to do things you know I can’t do and let’s just move on. If you have the same problem, you are welcome to ask me about doctors, which medications work, what costs too much or doesn’t anything … but unless you have a genuine reason to know the icky details of a particular ailment you are asking about, don’t ask.

I promise not to tell you.

However, if you pepper me with questions and refuse to accept a bland “I’m okay” or “So far so good” as an answer, be ready to get every tedious detail. I used to be a technical writer and tedious details are my specialty.

I will tell you the truth. All of it. I might even include a PowerPoint Presentation and a manual. So unless you really care, don’t ask and I swear not to tell you anything.

I will leave you with the one annoying current symptom which has caused a great deal of fuss and a lot of doctor visits. Which has ended being exactly what I thought it was at the beginning. Remember, you regular readers, how I said I can’t see properly because I have these bright web works of color where vision ought to be?

I thought it was probably complicated migraine.

It is complicated migraine. In theory, there’s stuff they can (maybe) give me for it, but all the medication has side effects more serious than the disease it supposedly cures.

I’ll live with the problem. It’s easier than any of the solutions which might or might not work AND are expensive. And in a lot of cases, are potentially dangerous.

That’s modern medicine for you.

We probably don’t have a cure, but if we do, it might kill you AND you can’t afford it.

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  1. Goodness!!!!! Haven’t heard of this, sorry you have.


  2. I have those vision migraines – best thing to do is take a couple of aspirins when you feel it coming on. Or a big glass or orange juice. The dullness of the pain will linger a day but at least you won’t feel like you’re on an LSD trip.


  3. I get those flashing on the side every once in awhile. For me it’s probably stress. I find it goes away if I rest.


  4. I noticed the cartoon about medical marijuana. My neurologist would prescribe it for me if I really wanted it, but said it would probably not be of a great help to me, so I left it.


    • It hasn’t been much help to me, either. It helps me sleep a bit better, but not much. It doesn’t deal with pain. I never remembered it as much of a help with pain, frankly, but I thought maybe I missed something. No, didn’t miss it. Wasn’t there. Good for sleep and if you are undergoing cancer transfusions and have no appetite, it’s good for coping with nausea. Also very good for glaucoma (I don’t have glaucoma). Unfortunately, it’s not much good for what we’ve got wrong with us.

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