THE NEWEST SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong

Most of the squirrels who come to hang out on the flat feeder are bigger and fatter. They have scars, some of them relatively new and raw. This was quite a small squirrel. Not scars that I could see, not even a mismatched grown-in area of fur. Maybe still a young one.

Not yet a survivor. I wondered how he would do with all the dangers surrounding him. It was like watching your little one and hoping they will survive kindergarten … or freshman year … or … parenthood!

Young squirrel

We see each other!

Young and hungry

22 thoughts on “THE NEWEST SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Maybe in his first year, though that’s not uncommon since most wild squirrels don’t live more than 3 to 5 years. He’s a bit grizzled to be newly out of the nest, though. Still a very fine and cute fellow, and I hope he can make it through all the dangers around your woods…


  2. I just checked out the cost of bird food at Home Depot – boy that’s expensive and to know how much these guys can eat – it enough to bankrupt you.


    • They just aren’t good in houses. They make friendly outdoor pets, but they do badly with plumbing and curtains and sofa cushions. And they are just too active for inside living. Owen had a friend in Hempstead who had a pet squirrel for a while until he drowned in the toilet. Plumbing is NOT for squirrels. He was friendly and sweet and adorable, but not designed to live in a house. And so soft and fluffy!

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    • Yeah, Ben. They’re so cute from a distance. That’s where they’ll stay unless they summon up grit to come closer.


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