Square, pointy, roses bought for no special reason
FOTD – March 24, 2019

My birthday bouquet was drying up and dying and Garry thought I needed something new. Something bright and cheerful. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what needs doing and how to get it done.

I even dream about it. And I’m also worrying about Garry and what would happen to him if I’m not here to take care of all the stuff in which he has never taken any interest. Like how the bank account works. Or where to find the title to the house.

Sticks, no stones

So there are the “no special reason” roses that Garry brought home yesterday.

Not only spiky squares. Jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy things, too.

13 thoughts on “SQUARE, SPIKY, POINTY NO SPECIAL REASON ROSES – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Yes, we all tend to harbour those dark thoughts , worrying not for us but our beloved ones…..
    We all need flowers. Garry has got that alright. Now he had to learn about How Banking Works ! 😉😏🤨


    • I really don’t mind doing the stuff, but I worry about him trying to figure all this out without me to tell him how to unlock the various parts of our lives. It has gotten so much MORE complicated in recent years. I’ve been using it long enough so I sort of glided in as it got more complex, but he hasn’t … so it’s more learning!

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