PRICKLY AS A ROSE – Marilyn Armstrong

Prickly as a Rose

Garry bought me roses and they are still looking lovely on the table in the living room. While I was poking around, I found pictures of the last of my roses from this past October.

I was looking at them today as we were coming home from shopping. I realized that the rose bushes have gone into a full wrestling match in the garden. The barbed roses have wound themselves around the rhododendrons that have grown like crazy since I cut the roses back last year.

Tame roses from the florist

Home-grown barbed roses. These are the most merciless roses in the world …

I sat there, staring at them, and seriously wondering how in the world to untangle the two bushes. These aren’t little bushes, either. Both are more than six feet high and at least that or more across. I can feel the pain of thorns already and I haven’t even picked up the pruning shears. It’s going to be pointy, poky, thorny, bloody springtime!

Not only spiky squares. Jagged, barbed, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and pointy whatever, but these are flowers. This time.

FOTD – 03/25/2019

16 thoughts on “PRICKLY AS A ROSE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Little late in the year to be pruning, but better late than never.

    My advice: ‘borrow’ a pair of extending arm shears and cut low and from a distance – use a rake to pick up prunings and chop with shears if necessary. 🙂

    They’ll come back!

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    • That bush IS terrifying. These rose hedges were very popular in old England to protect property. If you ever tried to fight your way through one, you’d understand how daunting they are. They grow like mad and send out HEAVILY thorned branches in every direction. They are very pretty in season and they bloom from June through October, but cutting them back is bloody.

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