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RDP Monday: FOOL

Back in ye olden days, I used to read horoscopes and Tarot cards. I was a very good astrologer and a deeply nervous Tarot reader. My problem with Tarot was that I saw things and they had a nasty habit of coming true exactly as I saw them. I saw death — and people died. I saw calamity and voilà! Chaos and collapse.

Not for myself, mind you. You can’t read for yourself and you really should not read for family and friends. Too much of your own baggage gets wrapped into the reading. You tend to see what you want to see or are afraid might happen.

From the Mystic Tarot – Magician and Fool

Of course, the people for whom you inevitably read most often are exactly the people for whom you should not read because who else can nudge you into a Tarot reading at 2 in the morning when you’ve been smoking weed all night and listening to the Doors? Your best friends, of course.

My best — and most horrifying — readings were done for total strangers I had never met. That was what I preferred, too. I didn’t want any live input from someone. I wanted a cold reading without any subconscious or conscious input. You’d be amazed at how much information you can glean from the blink of an eye or the tightening of a cheek muscle.

Eventually, I stowed a couple of decks in the back of a bookcase, carefully wrapped in a silk scarf … and I am sure they are still there. I also won’t do horoscopes anymore, either. Too much information and too easy to read the information just slightly incorrectly. You see travels, but you may not see why — and the why is the important part of the “truth.”

Why do these readings work? I have no idea and I never did. I do know that they did work. Often frighteningly well. It was the deaths that finally got me. I could not bear to see the death of a friend. It wasn’t just any old death. It was dated, often by month and year. I did not want to know that information about anyone.

Garry was smart. He never let me read for him.

The Fool or Jester is one of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck. In occult tarot, it is the first (or last) of the 22 Major Arcana numbered either from zero to 21 or from 1 to 22.

Many artists through the ages have painted the Tarot deck. The “major Arcana” are the “power” cards in the deck, but there are other cards not part of the Major Arcana that are dangerous and powerful as well. Anyone can memorize the cards, but not everyone has a gift (should you wish to call it that) for interpreting what they mean.

Arrangements of the cards vary from very simple to extremely complex and the format you choose to use has to do with your way of interpreting the meaning of the cards. I do not recommend this as a fun hobby for people who think there’s no meaning in it and it is just a game.

It’s not a game.

VisualizationThe Fool is a beggar or a vagabond — or a Court Jester.  He wears ragged clothes without shoes and carries a stick on his back. He is joyfully strolling to the edge of a cliff, his eyes upward to the sky. The fool is likely to fall off the mountain, but as the magician, he could rise to meet the stars. I never met a fool who rose to meet the stars, no matter what books say on the matter.

MeaningThe Fool represents new beginnings, faith in the future, inexperience, beginner’s luck, improvisation, and faith in the universe.

UprightBeginnings, spontaneity, originality, innocence, a leap of faith.

Reversed: Naivety, poor judgment, folly, lack of direction, stupidity, chaos. Personally, I never thought the Fool was a positive omen, upright or reversed.

Our Own Fool:

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36 replies

  1. Ha. Drawing that new fool would ruin the whole experience for me.


    • Fortunately, I didn’t draw it. But in many ways Trump IS the fool in the original meaning of the Trump. The Fool WAS a fool. A childish adult who would thoughtlessly progress, destroying much of what he encounters, but mindlessly. Without intelligent thought. He was not an evil man, but a mindless, thoughtless fool. Easily convinced by smarter people and a tool for others to use.

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  2. I don‘t know the first thing about Tarot +/or Ouija but I‘ve read a few books on Astrology. It was in one of those ‚Horoscope‘ Books I understood early in my young married life WHY it would end badly with my husband, as he was born a ‚double virgo‘, non compatible to me, so ever after I ‚understood‘ that ‚nothing was his fault, because, well, he couldn‘t be blamed for being such and such….‘. Made it frankly much easier for me to give him full pardon when I divorced him years and years later. It wasn‘t his fault; it was his stars 🙂

    On the other hand, I didn‘t do horoscopes or such, BUT I had dreams to come true. From a very young age I dreamt of people dying, waking up and finding my parents up too, in another room or the kitchen, crying…. because a friend died. This happened at least three times I can recall – later on it became less ‚cruel‘, I just kept dreaming about other bad things, e.g. one night it concerned my ex who passed away. I didn‘t think too much sense in it until the next afternoon, I phoned a friend in Switzerland and she said after our greetings: So, you know what happened to P…..? What?????? He phoned HER during the night because he had a heart attack and his partner was still on holidays. So he asked this friend of us to drive him to hospital…. I wouldn‘t hear a thing about that had I not called her the next day. I then wrote a letter to her and also to my son, asking them to inform me If Ever Anything LIke That happened to him again. (I doubt VERY much that he would give me one thought of that kind but I can live with this knowledge!). Or often I have a feeling that I MUST phone somebody RIGHT NOW and then YES, that was exactly what was necessary.


  3. I learned numerology since young. After retirement, I relearning this subjects plus yi Ching plus BaZi. Learn from all Masters program and agreed strongly believe exploring NUMEROLOGY class WhatsApp number to me. .. vibes numbers and on-line numerologist given Free… OMG..why pay 2134 for Earth school…. thanks for sharing

    On Tue, 2 Apr, 2019 12:10 am Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life


    • I never paid to learn. I just bought books, then I bought MORE books … and I read them. I compared them. I met other people who were learning the same things and we talked to each other. I don’t “buy courses,” but I DO study. The more interesting I find something, the harder I study.

      Numerology never worked for me. Palmistry did — but it was complicated and a bit messy. Also, once you get into astrology, you tend to like statistics and organized data. It’s hard to move from astrology to other things.


  4. I’ve sometimes thought it might be interesting to have a Tarot reading but then at other times, I think “Do I really want to know?”


    • I think it can be useful if you are considering making a major change in your life, but otherwise? Life will happen and knowing about it doesn’t change it. Because you know, but you don’t know the context or the surrounding events. Without that information, you don’t know what you think it means.

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  5. DJT is A fool, he is not THE Fool. And no; it’s not a game. I had a couple experiences with the Tarot, but my experience with the Ouija board with a friend from college made me feel so dirty and guilt ridden, I actually had to pray. And God said, “The future is not your business. You’re going to have to live there.” WhoEVER that was (and I’m good with it being God) he was right.

    A divination tool that I do find helpful in thinking through problems is the I-Ching but it’s less about the future than about how to live in, and approach, the moment at hand or how to respond to a problem. Plus, it’s poetic, and whether it’s real or not, it offers a perspective that I might not have myself. It’s also very cryptic. One of my favorite bits of Asian philosophy comes from the I-Ching. “The best way to defeat Evil is to make resolute progress toward the Good.” It’s often the only power we have.

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    • I just found it troubling and much more information than I imagined could be available. I didn’t WANT that information. I never made any sense of the I-Ching. Horoscopes always made sense to me. I looked at them and I understood them. But I got really popular and eventually, I got sufficiently pushed about them and stopped doing them entirely. Even when I told people “I do NOT do horoscopes for newborns or even young children. Ever.” It didn’t matter. And when some of the people pushing me were also my bosses, it got downright unpleasant.


    • Martha, yesterday on CNN, one pundit (have temporarily forgotten name but he’s a political observer I know from my working days, closely during the Clinton adminstration) — observed Donzo knows the art of “Dark political campaigning and how to manipulate his followers”). It’s an observation that says we may have Donzo for a second term.

      Lord, we need some help here.

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      • The solution is the reprograming of DJT’s base. I have no idea how that will be accomplished. For myself, I’m just looking at DC as if it’s some bizarre reality show that I’m not interested in. All I can do is vote. I don’t want to angst about this any more. And, I believe in democracy and if the people want an evil dipshit for president that pretty much says it. I’m sick of this and realized this winter that if I engage with it, it’s my choice.


  6. I thought of dabbling in reading the Tarot as a young woman. I did a few readings for myself (spreads, which some use as a sort of daily ‘guide’). I wasn’t terribly good, could never remember what they meant, let alone the meaning in the reversed card. And one day I got this terribly cold feeling off the deck. Icy. I put them away and have never again taken them out. My religion may well play into that, being Mormon we’re cautioned against ‘practicing magic or fooling around with devilish pursuits’ (paraphrased to how I interpreted what was really said). I cannot be hypnotized. And the Oujia board? My mother told a tale of what happened to herself and three friends who messed with that one dark night. It scared me off Oujia for good. I don’t know what lies beyond. There’s something though. And to me? Only the fool hearty novice messes with whatever it is. True words: It’s not a game.


  7. I don’t think I’d like a reading done either. Just in case…

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  8. I love the Trump card! 😱


  9. I found both the Tarot and the Ouija Board to eventually become dangerous. Now, I’d rather just follow Lee Trevino’s advice after being struck by lightening and survived: “When God wants to play through, let Him.”

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  10. Never did the Tarot but I did do some horoscopes. I too found them pretty accurate. Never saw anyones death.

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