“COMMANDER? I’VE MADE CONTACT!” – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Contacts

Google is always changing the browser. As soon as you get used to it, they do something to “fix” it. The most recent change was that “contacts” are now a separate section, not part of email.

I was lucky. I actually read the note they sent that reminded me that contacts would now be available only by clicking a group of small boxes on the right top of the screen which will ONLY be visible if you happen to be using email at that moment. If you aren’t using email, you won’t see the little boxes and you won’t be able to find your contacts. There’s logic in there somewhere, but I’m just missing it.

Company name is no longer a default search column. You have to look under the first name of whoever you are looking for. Like, say, your cardiologist whose first name is John. I don’t think of him as “John.” I think of him as “my cardiologist” or at least, “Cardiology, UMass Hospital.”

You may think I’m picking on Google, but yesterday, it took close to 45 minutes to enter the local pot shop information into my contacts form, including their email address and physical address. Fortunately, they still consider the phone number part of basic information, but who knows for how long?

So, just to back up a little bit, yesterday, in a fit of enthusiasm for Uxbridge’s newly opened Pot Shop, also known as “Caroline’s Cannabis Uxbridge Marijuana Dispensary,” I decided to add their address to my contact list. This was when I made the remarkable discovery that the contact list no longer automatically includes a physical address section. You have to ask for advanced material and then you get an insanely complicated bunch of stuff.

Is it me? Isn’t there supposed to be a physical address to go with a contact’s phone number? For that matter, you need to go into “advanced” for the website address too.

Although I don’t go out as much as I used to, there are places I have to physically go. The Pot Shop, assuming I go there for some reason other than to take pictures for a post, is one such place. The grocery store, the bank, all doctor’s offices, and hospital addresses too. There are places where I have to take my physical self that isn’t medical like (for example) the local Home Depot.

Apparently, no one goes anywhere anymore, so getting somewhere to write down a physical address is an “advanced contact item.”


One of the things I learned about writing software is that developers put information wherever it fits conveniently on the screen. They don’t actually care whether you — the user — will find that location useful or convenient. They say “Oh, there’s an empty space in the  “color droplet” menu, so I think I’ll put the leveling control there.” They have no idea how you will use the software and they really don’t care. They know how it works and the rest is your problem.

No one would ever look there for a leveling tool since it has nothing to do with all the rest of the items on the list, but that’s where they put it and that is where it still resides. I had to do a deep dive into Google to locate the function.

It is for this reason that I have a little paper booklet in my bag that has basic information about places I go in it. Addresses, names, and a few little directions. Because my body needs to get there, too.

19 thoughts on ““COMMANDER? I’VE MADE CONTACT!” – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Thanks for the information. Evidently, I[m not on Google’s list because I did not receive an email about the contact button.Now, I found it! I guess we can always go back to writing down addresses in one of those little books we used to carry around with us. Why do I have the feeling, more like a creeping paralysis, that life is regressing?

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    • I don’t go ANYWHERE without my little book. All it has in it are the phone numbers and adresses of our four or five best friends, the telephone number of the “power’s out” electric company number, and a few address hints. Yes, we also have a GPS, but as often as not, it sends us to roads that stopped being usable at least 100 years ago by the size of the oak trees growing in it.


    • Way more complicated than the old days for you, I would guess. I wonder what Lucy would say about all this nonsense – as she sat in her Desilu office??


    • If you pay the software engineers, you need to give them work to do. Even if the work is messing up something that worked fine the way it was. That’s true, these days, of ALL software groups. They need to sell new products, so they rearrange stuff and add bells and whistles you will never use (and which they will never explain how they work) to everything. I’m afraid to do anything with my camera. I don’t know what half the stuff in the menu is supposed to do, much less what it actually does.

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      • Mostly, the make changes so they can say “ALL NEW BUY ANOTHER ONE!” of whatever it is. Cameras, televisions, everything. And we keep buying. Not us personally, but most people just can’t NOT buy. Gotta have that new washing machine!

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        • I just wrote two letter to the editor today. I’m so hoping mad about PM ousting our Attorney General and we have a thriving slavery situation going on with the temporary foreign workers. How can this happen!

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          • I don’t know. I really don’t. I never imagined the stuff going on COULD happen in our countries. But it did and now, I supposed, we shall do our best to make it go away. I’m at a loss as to how we could let our world crumble like this.

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            • Well two of our elected representatives stood up to our PM. Both are indigenous women, one the former Attorney General the other the former President of the Treasury Board and they have been kicked out of caucus. They now sit as independents and they’d be reelected in a heart beat. The people love them for what they did.


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