I have a lot of news to convey. So much that I thought I’d just show pictures of the bright yellow Goldfinches that have been hovering around the house. We are surrounded by wildlife apparently lured here by the vast quantity of black sunflower seeds.

Isn’t he lovely?

The doves nestle into the flat feeder and don’t leave until they are so full they can’t eat one more seed. The finches are out in force, as well as the usual other local scavengers. And there’s a brown bird with a black and white striped wing that appears to be the lady of the White-winged Grosbeak, although they are not common in our part of the woods. They are conifer loving birds.

Two well-fed doves

Our woods is 90% oak trees and whatever fir trees we have are pretty stunted and uninspiring. My guess is that black sunflower seeds have mystical powers and draw creatures of all kinds.

One Tufted-Titmouse sitting on the rail …

This got me thinking about house insurance. And bears. It has been recommended that if there are bears hanging around, that maybe we’d like to remove the bird feeders. Which made me wonder whether or not our insurance includes destruction by bears. I’m betting not. I could be wrong, but rarely does insurance cover the things on which you need coverage.

Double trouble

Meanwhile today I learned my son does NOT have my heart disease — which means my granddaughter doesn’t have it either — at least not from me. Garry got a “thing” removed from his face and apparently his vast number of hours of lying in the sun have done him no particular harm.

AND my chimney is not falling down. All the bricks I found didn’t fall out of the chimney. They had been tucked under the house to keep our dog Tinker from digging there, so they were just old broken bricks.

Now all I have to worry about is replacing the mailbox, replacing the back door and storm door, and putting a storm door on the front of the house. Phew!

So … bright yellow Goldfinches it is.

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  1. Yes they are lovely and so is your news.
    We may need a new roof. I noticed a shingle from our house on our neighbour’s roof.


  2. Finches are delightful. When we hang the feeder, it takes about ten minutes before it is covered with colorful finches. Then, unfortunately, the squirrels start to hang from the feeder, slurping up what they can.


    • Finches and squirrels seem to have the same favorite foods. Today’s squirrel would not leave until I finally went out there and had a heart-to-heart with her and VERY SLOWLY she left the deck. VERY slowly. And she kept waiting, like the dogs do when they don’t want to go out into the rain, looking back, hoping we change our mind.


    THIS TRULY IS A DAY WITH BRIGHT AND GOOD NEWS, WITH LIGHT AND JOY, WITH GOLDFINCHES AND sorry, a stuck CAPS thingie on HH‘s iPad…. btw; made the exact same discovery, namely that our huge house insurance didn‘t cover a cent of the downfall of the 100yr old wall, not a cent!!!! The reasons for this argument were so ridicule that I can‘t even write about it and wouldn‘t uphold any court case. But we didn‘t want to throw good money after bad money….. and we are peace-loving. The final ‚coup‘ came 10 days later: A letter suggesting that we add to said insurance polcy another one for LEGAL ADVICE!!!!


  4. Glad that everyone is in good health, Marilyn. Love that photo of the goldfinch.

    Marilyn, I hope you don’t mind if I make a suggestion regarding the bird feeding. If you think it is inappropriate, please delete this comment. It might not be such a good idea to supplement the diet of the wild birds solely with sunflower seeds, because the sunflower seeds are high in fat (not so much in protein), and if a bird eats too much of the one food, they might miss out on valuable nutrients. Birds love sunflower seeds. It is like candy and they may avoid foraging if the sunflower seeds are always on hand. My mother feeds the wild king parrots we get in Australia on sunflower seeds. A couple of the parrots lost all their feathers and died. (It may have been because of feather and beak disease. It is hard to know. Their singular fondness for sunflower seeds would not have helped boost their immunity though). When we visited my mum, we tried to sub out the sunflowers with a more complete seed mix, plus greens and other veg, but the birds were addicted to the sunflower seeds and would not have a bar of it. My son is a member of the Canberra Ornithological Society and bird feeding is much discussed in bird forums. Here is a link to a bird vet website that discusses the pros and cons. It might be worth doing a little research on it.

    Kind regards. Tracy.


    • There ARE other things in the feed mix. I don’t usually feed all black sunflower seeds, but I figured I’d mix them with food they like less. As the bins drop, there will be more other seeds in there. Frankly, I think it’s the squirrels and Doves that are really hooked. The others get a reasonable feed from the bugs in the trees. I would not normally buy “all black sunflower” seeds, but well … they were on sale. I did intend to mix them, though. I learn a lot from comments. So please, feel free to pass along knowledge. It IS useful to know and I wouldn’t know if people didn’t tell me.

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      • Thank you, Marilyn. You are very kind. In contrast, neither my mother or her birds were happy with my interference. 🙂

        I vaguely recall seeing mixed seed in your feeder, come to think of it. Those squirrels are programmed only for eating.


        • Squirrels will keep eating until they are grabbed by a hawk or explode from too much food. This little one, though, is worrying me. He is WAY too tame and he doesn’t know when to hide. He’s going to get grabbed by a Fisher or a Hawk. And what is he doing out in the middle of a bright sunny day chowing down? Didn’t anyone teach him how to BE a squirrel? All I can do, when I think he’s had quite enough, is shoo him away to find acorns and other woodland wonders. And maybe meet some older, wiser squirrels who will teach him to keep his head down!

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  5. What beautiful birds, I love the goldfinch


  6. Well, that was a lot of news and most of it good. So glad that Owen does not have heart disease. I am sure you are as relieved, if not more relieved than he is about that. Hooray, your chimney is not falling down. I know that was a major worry too.
    Insurance companies are very good at telling you what you are not covered for. They would probably see bears as an Act of God. As long as they are not saying they won’t insure you if you have feeders out you should be OK. Taking them down if you do see signs of bears sounds like a wise precaution. You don’t need bears on the deck too.
    The doves are a handsome couple together and the goldfinch is very colourful.


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