LET THE SUNSHINE IN – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

It was the theme for my son’s fourth-grade graduation ceremony. Funny that I should remember it so clearly. My son is turning 50 in a few weeks and I’ve forgotten a lot, but this I remember. And I remember that I cried.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

11 thoughts on “LET THE SUNSHINE IN – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. You’re a proud parent, that’s all, if every child had a mom that shed tears of joy at their child’s accomplishments – wouldn’t that be wonderful? I’d buy stock in Kleenex…! 😉


    1. And I enjoy making them. We’ve just been ridiculously busy for the past six months at least. Much of it is medical, though not in a bad way … but there are checkups and more checkups for me and Garry and soon, it will be time for the dogs. And we are stuck at home fixing the house. Even if we had money for a vacation, we really don’t have any money. The house OWNS us.

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