RDP Saturday: COAST

When you grow up in any of the coastal states in the U.S., “going to the beach” is at the top of your summertime list from as soon as you are old enough to tiptoe into the ocean, until you get serious about work and forget about having fun for the next couple of decades.

It’s not that you don’t go to visit the shore. We all do that, even in the middle of the winter, to see the gulls fly backward against the incoming winds, early enough to watch the haze burn off along the shoreline … and the best place to think quietly without any interruption.

I actually prefer the coast in the winter. It’s relatively empty, at least of people. The sky is a great blue bowl overhead … and when the wind comes in, the seagulls really do fly backward until they give up and sit in the water until the winds die off.

Atlantic shore in Ogunquit. Maine at dawn

Rockport, Massachusetts at sunrise

Gloucester, Massachusetts, home of the famed fishing fleet

Gloucester, Cape Ann – A famous place for shipwrecks!

Barnstable on Cape Cod

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  1. Such beautiful images- and you are right- so similar that first one to mine!


  2. It is nice to have the beach to yourself in the winter time. I was never one for lying on the sand baking but I like it when it’s quiet and you can let your dog run and swim and look for interesting pebbles and shells. I was lucky to live in a beachside suburb for 25 years and luckier that because it was a stony beach it was not as popular as the other Adelaide beaches so really only used by locals.


  3. I have only seen the ocean in photos, which may be why I’m one of the few people who does not find the idea of a day at the beach to be fun at all. I’d rather stay out of the sun, keep the sand out of my everything, and no I’m NOT getting in the water!


  4. Truer words were never written. I love the ocean in all seasons, but I love it best without many of my fellow humans around to distract me.


  5. Coast is a synonym for holiday for me. In England it was where we went for two weeks to get out of London and we traveled to other places in Europe to actually find the coast that Switzerland did not have..I would have settled for any season


    • For a lot of people, going to the coast is what they do for the holidays. It was never entirely successful for me because I’m so fair-skinned, I get torched. But we did spend every holiday for more than a decade on Nantucket Sound on Martha’s Vineyard. Garry spent the time lying in the sun while cooking — and I went shopping. Then there was dinner …

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  6. Winter is my favourite time to walk on the beach — but it does help that our winters are mild.


  7. I was raised on both coasts. I learned to swim in the Pacific, but spent four years bravng the Atlantic as well. Loved them both, Now, even the waves on shore can endanger my balance. Getting old abbreviates good times.


    • I haven’t gone into the ocean for a long time. Too many surgeries, too many scars that don’t like cold water — and the Atlantic IS cold. Never got to swim in the Pacific. I was working and didn’t have time, but I spent a fair bit of time in the Mediterranean. That was lovely. And WARM.


  8. Beautiful photos. I like the beach in winter, too.


  9. They are alluring….


  10. I’ve never been a fan of the beach in winter but I see your points.

    Most of my winter beach treks have been on search stories in murder cases. Very little romance.


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