After many years of not watching “The X Files,” Garry and I ran out of stuff to watch. So … we decided to try watching X Files.

Now, maybe a dozen episodes in, I have some thoughts on conspiracies and secrets.

x-files poster

Has anyone ever confided a secret to you? And you realized at that exact moment, it ceased being a secret.

Have you ever told someone something you wished you hadn’t said? Or realized that what you said should have stayed in your head and never crossed your lips?

Sincerely wished you hadn’t said anything then asked them to please, please, never repeat it? And you absolutely knew everyone was going to know about it before lunch?

top secret 2

So how did the whole “secret” thing work out for you?

Now. Imagine a secret so secret that the entire military-industrial complex including all the important politicians of the world — the basic whos-who of world power — had to keep THIS secret or the world might end.

What secret?

That aliens are here and have always been here? That we are hiding spaceships in dark caverns in the desert and mountains? That every individual in touch with this secret — and you have to figure there were a lot of them, even counting them one at a time — was mandated to retain the secret for their entire lives and never tell anyone.

Figure that’s going to work? Whatever the secret was supposed to be, it would be in every newspaper and on every television station — not to mention every social medium — before lunch. Before morning break.

It would be a multi-part television serial by the weekend … and these days … forgotten by Christmas.

That’s my point.

Not that aliens might be here — now or in the past — but that a secret of such magnitude could or would be kept for a single day, much less for decades. This could not, would not, will not ever happen in this world.

Certainly not anywhere with Internet.

Which is pretty much everywhere.

16 thoughts on “NO CONSPIRACIES IN THIS HOUSE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I love The X Files and enjoyed almost all the episodes. Yes, the idea of all those “secrets” is far-fetched, but I think the sign of a good show is that your disbelief can be successfully suspended while watching.


  2. I agree. I’ve watched a lot of those conspiracy type shows about aliens and I find it hard to believe that it would be possible to keep a secret like that for so long. Especially now with the internet available. Someone would have cracked, I mean wouldn’t it have been on Wikileaks? It’s the same with the moon landing conspiracy theory. It would have come out by now if it hadn’t really happened.
    I watched a few episodes of The X Files over the years. I wanted to like it but while I didn’t dislike it I didn’t get hooked either.


    • We were definitely NOT hooked. But the whole concept of the show was silly. The idea that something that “big” could be kept secret by so many people for so long and it hadn’t become at the least, a meme on Facebook is ridiculous. And anyway, no one would believe it except the flat earthers and they’ll believe anything.

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  3. I don’t think I could take news about aliens being here seriously, and cannot imagine it becoming a secret. Otherwise at my age I don’t deal in secrets any more


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