27 thoughts on “FIRE, FIRE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Another excellent collection of topical photos, Marilyn. I love the way you’ve captured a sense of its movement. I’m also mesmerised by fire and can sit by for hours, just admiring the endlessly shifting flames But I also love winter so I’m not averse to ice and a white landscape – and it’s an excuse to have a fire! I love the poem too, by an author with a very appropriate name!

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  2. There is something magical and mystical, with a hint of metaphysical about watching a fire. Seeing the flames convert matter into mostly other forms of matter plus a little bit of matter converted into energy.

    Regarding Mr Frost’s eloquent poem… as Tom suggested in a recent post, the world will not ‘end’ in ice, unless he means our human ‘world’. Ice can certainly kill us, and most other forms of life, but it can’t kill a planet; the planet becomes an Ice Planet spinning merrily on its way as before, but cooler. 😉

    Fire will be the end of the Earth. Our Sun, as it depletes it’s massive supply of hydrogen fuel and starts fusing Helium and heavier elements, will become a massive red super-giant star for a few hundred thousand years, expanding to beyond our planet’s orbit and will consume the Earth in a massive nuclear fission furnace before collapsing back into a white dwarf and sucking the ash of our planet back with it.

    Not a particularly nice way to go but neither you or i will stick around long enough to witness it. 😉 😉

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          • Interestingly enough, in the book “The Brain that Changes Itself” (which is a must-read) they say that once you have achieved a certain mastery of the piano that mental practice accomplishes as much as physical practice. Just one of the amazing facts revealed. I can’t recommend this book too highly.. meaning I loved it!!!


            • Well, it’s on audible and my credits come in day after tomorrow, so I’ll give it a listen. But you know, I think that any continuing thoughtful mental activity helps. We need to focus or we fade.


              • That’s its message, but the details.. including ones about cochlear implants which you probably already know, are fascinating, and the predictions for the future scary.


                • I know that Garry FEELS smarter now that he can (mostly) hear and he certainly seems more alert. As I said, I put the book in my wish list and it is at the top (because I just put it there) — so it will make interesting reading.


              • Do you have a recommendation of a well-written light humorous book for me to read next? No violence. No one thing going wrong after another? Character-driven, interesting point of view. A little romance never hurts but no bodice-rippers. Help. Book after book I end up putting down as thing after horrible thing happens. Just can’t take it anymore.


                • JASPER FFORDE! All of his Thursday Next books are a delight. Funny, bookish, literary … and often laugh out loud funny. It’s science fiction in the world of books. There are 8 books in total. I didn’t read them in order and I didn’t like the first one (The Eyre Affair) as much as I liked the ones after that, but they are all really really good. I keep hoping he’ll write another one, but I think he’s done with them.

                  TERRY PRATCHETT. Skip the first 6 book. There are about 35 more after that and they are ALL wonderful. Really and truly gloriously literate, funny … and you don’t have to read them in order. Although they all take place in the same worlds, each one stands on its own. I started around book 10 and read ALL of them. Now I’m reading all of them again. Terry died very young of Alzheimer’s, but still managed to write more than 40 books before he stopped writing … and died.

                  GRETCHEN ARCHER. Cozy mysteries. Nothing gory. Start from the first one (there’s even a thank you note from the author to me in it which I treasure. She just finished her 7th book (which I reviewed) but it’s worth starting with the first one (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DQS3ZC1/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2). I love Gretchen personally, but I loved her writing first.

                  JODI TAYLOR : Her St. Mary’s (time travel) books are really history as seen by some of the wackiest historians (in that world, historians travel back in time to view historical events). There’s love, there’s history, there’s some totally bizarre science … and the books on Kindle are very inexpensive. These you might want to read from first to last. “Just One Damned Thing After Another” https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017YA73OO/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0
                  is the first one and there’s a new one coming out next week. She’s also written a few other wonderful little books.

                  KIM HARRISON: All of her Hollows novels are brilliant, first to last. They are exciting, sexy, sometimes funny, magical. Any book which starts out with a witch, a vampire, and a pixie sharing an old church (roommates) can’t be all bad. Wonderful characters and beautifully written.

                  I’m not a “heavy” book reader. I don’t like gore, I don’t like tragedy unless it ends well


    • All of them were taken in my tepee — years ago. The tepee came down four years ago and the last time I had a fire in it was at least two years before that. So these are old pictures. Fortunately, I took a huge number of them. Hundreds of them, so I probably won’t run out anytime soon 😀

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