Don’t people realize that you have to use twice as much one-ply as two-ply so you end up not saving any money? And that’s not taking the comfort factor into consideration.

My master bathroom toilet paper roll


On the subject of toilet paper, it’s OVER people! The patent application for the toilet paper holder shows the roll going over, not under.

My toilet paper decor in the powder room


I’ve been checking the weather regularly and we’ve had an unseasonably warm spell. The one day I forget to check, the temperature dips 25 degrees and I freeze my buns off in my unsuitably light clothes!



Some days I wake up thinking about the cinnamon sugar croissant at my local bakery. It’s amazing! It’s one of the few things that can make me break my perpetual diet (I’m on Prednisone and gained ten pounds last year). I look forward to this sugary treat all the way to the store – and they’re out! I can taste the disappointment and it’s nothing like my beloved croissant.

This doesn’t look half as delicious as my favorite treat!


My dogs wake me around 6 AM to feed them. I stagger downstairs and go through their morning routine in a sleepy haze. I stumble back to bed and fall right back to sleep. Except when I don’t. There are days when, for some reason, I wake up completely somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen. I am suddenly full of energy. This is a problem because I go to bed around 1 AM and I need more than five hours sleep to get through the day. So I lie awake thinking of things that agitate or depress me and just exacerbate the situation. Finally I’ll fall back to sleep, but that sleepless hour or two is SO annoying! Chronic insomnia must be unbearable.


I’ve put a reminder on my phone that’s set to go off the same time every day to make sure I don’t forget to take my medicines in the morning. (I never seem to forget at night). I don’t forget often anymore, so I’ve gotten used to turning off the reminder each day after I’ve taken my meds. But now I’m so used to turning off the reminder, that I turned it off automatically the other day even when I hadn’t taken my meds.

I forgot to take my pills but I turned off the reminder anyway. On Autopilot. Something is wrong with this system – or is it just me?


One of my dogs, Lexi, is my self-assigned protector. She sounds the alarm with loud barking whenever she sees or hears something outside of her definition of ‘ordinary’. Unfortunately, she’s also lazy. So when she’s on the bed with me and hears something ‘suspicious’ downstairs, she doesn’t go down to investigate or scare off the intruders. Instead, she leaps up and proceeds to scream in her high volume, piercing bark, directly into my ear!

If I go prematurely deaf, it won’t be due to the loud rock and roll of my youth – it will be all Lexi’s fault!


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  1. Chronic insomnia DOES suck! Your description of the phenomenon is eerily on target, only substitute 3 a.m. instead of 6! I usually give in and just read until I drift off. It’s somewhere around 6 a.m. mostly. And having gone to bed at 12 a.m. or 12:30 a.m., I’m groggy and out of sync all day in those instances!!


  2. You’ve got some neat toilet paper holders in the powder room Ellin.
    As for croissants, we have them for breakfast on the weekend. They’re a real treat.


    • Our beloved cinnamon sugar croissant is shaped like a chocolate croissant – a chunky square with open ends, not the beautiful curved horn of the plain croissant. As for the unique toilet paper holders – I love repurposing things and using them in odd ways. So why not use a wall planter to hold toilet paper rolls in the powder room? I think it looks like it was created specifically for that job.

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      • That was a great idea for the planter. We used to get pain au chocolat in Paris. You could sprinkle cinnamon sugar on a croissant, then again you can sprinkle cinnamon sugar on bread and it would be delicious.


  3. The patent application was right, toilet paper over the top, I can’t imagine why anyone would think it should go any other way!


  4. Over – yes! I agree. Great post, and a great miscellany to start my week. Lexi is gorgeous, I’m salivating at the thought of cinnamon sugar croissants and I identify with insomnia. I get that a few times a month and it drives me round the twist.


  5. Definitely over, anyone who has ever worked in a hotel where you have to do the little fold at the end of the roll knows that only works when it’s over.


    • Yes – but who says you have to do that little fold for decorative purposes? My cleaning lady does that and I never knew why. You just explained it to me!

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      • I don’t know why they make you do it. I guess it hides a jagged end if someone was not tidy when ripping it off the roll. I don’t do it at home unless maybe I’m having a house inspection but it did seem to support the “over” cause.


  6. Love your toilet paper wall decor.. and I definitely agree on “over.” I put it over and Yolanda changes it to under. This has been going on for 17 years now. Why don’t I say anything? For the same reason I’ve been refolding the towels “my way” for the same number of years. Who knows?


    • Garry was an “under” kind of guy. Took me more than 20 years to convince him to do it the other way. Now, he is a convert. But he had cats … and you know what cats can do with a roll of TP!

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    • Isn’t it interesting that people have such deep seeded views on nonsense things like toilet paper and towels and bedding and how to load a dishwasher and how to store leftover food? I’ll bet a good percentage of domestic arguments are over these logistical issues that everyone feels so strongly about!

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      • Not here. Garry doesn’t store things.


      • I know. it is just that they are everyday problems and every time you view them, it is a slight irritation. My husband once blew because I put the lid of the plastic container we put cereal in on backwards so the pourer was on the smooth side instead of the side that had slight depressions for your grip. Made no difference whatsoever in its function! He was probably really irritated about something else, right?


  7. I don’t use one-ply toilet paper because I’m saving paper. I use it so I won’t clog up my old pipes or septic system with paper. If I used the softer, thicker stuff? We’d need all new pipes in about a week. I like better toilet paper too. My pipes, however, do not.

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    • But I use more one ply paper than 2 ply – so the amount of paper in the pipes is probably the same with both types.

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      • It has to do with dissolving rates. I got a huge lecture from my plumber who had to UNclog the pipes. He said (and this is a quote): “ONLY USE THE SINGLE PLY SCOTT’S TISSUE. ONLY THAT. NOTHING ELSE.” We have only had one paper clog since and it was when we tried (briefly) a double ply roll. It felt so nice and clogged SO fast.

        The ONE ply paper dissolves much faster. In your pipes, it probably doesn’t make much difference, but our pipes weren’t great to begin with. 45 years later, they have not improved.


      • Ellin, GREAT topic – TP. Marilyn’s already explained why we use one ply. One of my first guilt pleasures as a bachelor — CHARMIN. Marilyn just mentioned — “We’re low on TP!” Constitutes BREAKING NEWS here.
        UNDER or OVER: A major issue in some of my former relationships. Now, we’ve reached Detente. Do you think under or over is a major issue for our heads of state and royalty? I appreciate your concern about the comparable amount used in 1 and 2 ply.
        Now, let’s move onto sports…



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