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I did a preliminary read on most of the Mueller Report last night. Not every word, but I did a speed read of most of it. I will have to revisit parts of it and read those sections more thoroughly. But it’s easy enough to get the drift.

After yesterday’s hoopla about redactions, most news organization have calmed down and realized that the majority of the report is not redacted. Most of the significant parts of the report remain intact.

Donald Trump and William Barr
(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Despite Barr and Trump’s victory dance and braying about how there’s “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION,” there was a lot of attempted collusion and obstruction. That almost everyone in the White House isn’t in jail is that Trump’s illegal orders weren’t carried out.

They come, they go … The temporary cabinet of Trumpinski

Trump’s gang didn’t follow his orders. He ordered them to do something illegal, after which they outright refused, passed it along to a subordinate who dragged his or her feet and it never got done … or said “Sure, Boss,” but never got around to it.

What you get out of the report is:

A) Trump is a terrible president and everyone knows it
B) The people who work with him don’t respect him
C) The White House is a chaotic mess
D) Everyone knows they are working for a man who is clueless and quite likely stupid.

It’s not a flattering portrait of our orange president. That none of the Republican senators and other bigwigs are standing up to him will sooner rather than later make the Republican Party a non-Party. The shameless spinelessness of high-ranking Republicans is more shocking than the asshole president.

One asshole? We can deal with ONE asshole, even if he is supposedly the president. But a whole SENATE full of assholes? That is way over the line.

Ironically — and this may go beyond irony into hilarity in a dark way — Putin and the Russian Gang are disappointed in Trump. They wanted chaos, but they never imagined a presidency so awful they can’t even get in touch with anyone. They won’t talk to Pompeo. They want people who know what they are doing.


They can’t make deals, they aren’t getting a “better relationship” with the U.S. If anything, it’s worse. The sanctions are worse, we are sending tanks into the Crimea (which Obama refused to do) — and you can’t trust anything Trump says.

What an embarrassment! You corrupt a country and instead of getting advantages, you are humiliated and wind up getting less than before. In fact, everyone gets less than before.

I guess they picked the wrong president to corrupt. They should have chosen to corrupt someone with a sense of honor. Corrupting someone who can’t be trusted to keep your secrets? Oops.

I thought the MOST fascinating part of the document was the appendices where there were virtually no redactions. You get to see all the questions Mueller asked and you can read for yourself that he felt the prez had either “forgotten,” “failed to have a clear recollection,” and “had only a vague memory because’ so much was happening.'”

Mueller felt he’d gotten as much information as he could from others who work with Trump. Since the prez “couldn’t remember anything,” there was little to be gained from having a major constitutional battle to get his testimony when (1) he couldn’t be prosecuted anyway (under the current “unofficial” rules), and (2) Trump lies all the time.

The ultimate question is a big one: where are all the honorable Republicans standing up to say that this man is unfit for public office, much less President. Where are “the good guys” in the party? Where are those people who care about the nation more than their party leader?

And as for the Democrats, get your act together. Figure out where you stand. If you really don’t know what you are doing — and a number of supposed people running for office obviously don’t know nothin’ bout’ nothin’ — we already have a moron in office. Don’t try to give us another one. Been there, done that.

I strongly doubt this country could stand another round of presidential idiocy, regardless of party.

The guy on Colbert last night (sorry, forgot his name) commented that being too incompetent to be properly corrupted or successfully collude has historically never (previously) been used by a president before.

We are so special!

30 thoughts on “REDACTED READING – Marilyn Armstrong”

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the difference with the others was they did not agree to give any Kim what they wanted (Like recognition of equality on the world stage) before getting something concrete in return?


            1. I think that’s a moot point. We negotiated, we made deals and ALL of them fell through. It might not have been as spectacular as Trump, but there’s not much real difference. And you know what? Whoever the next president is, he or she will try the same thing. Again.

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  1. I still disagree with you about The Fool. My sense of that card is that it’s an innocent person about to take a giant leap into the unknown. Maybe it’s because it is most often drawn as the card representing me. I don’t think Trump is a fool in any sense, anyway. I think he’s a sociopathic fox.

    Trump’s responses to Mueller’s questions are lawyer coached responses. If, in fact, he doesn’t remember or did not know, he’s senile and obtuse, both of which are possible, but I tend to think he’s just wily and has been through a shit-load of lawsuits in his life. And IF he understands this was a fact-finding investigation that DIDN’T ultimately lead him to an indictment and not, itself an indictment, his base doesn’t know the difference and he’s using their ignorance once again to fan the flames of the idiots.

    I agree with you about most of the Republicans in office right now. And Barr is a shill.


    1. I think he’s an old man on the edge of senility. He has good days and bad days. Watching Garry’s mom sink into senility was very instructive, because even towards the end, she still had “good” days when her mind was clear.

      Senility isn’t the same for everyone, either.

      Trump slips in and out, so there are days he doesn’t know his own name and other times, he remembers everything. But over all, you are right. He still thinks he’s the wiliest fox in the pack and sometimes, he is … but often, he really isn’t. His primary feature as the fool is that he DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING.

      You and I both know that many of the best parts of our lives we leapt into without any surety that it would be good or bad or what … but WE weren’t the president of the U.S.A. That’s kind of the problem. A blind willingness to just “do it” without regard for context or any knowledge of potential outcome is fine for us. We aren’t leading a country. The world — or a lot of the world — isn’t depending on our getting it right.

      The Russians feel as if they got duped, though they have only themselves to blame. They thought he WAS that wily, smart guy who could make deals — and when it turned out he maybe was, but he isn’t now, they realized they were actually in a worse place than before his election. They can’t even make a deal with him because he has no professional diplomats that CAN make a deal and they have sent down word that they will NOT deal with Pompeo and won’t deal with anyone until Trump appoints some professionals with whom they can MAKE deals and be reasonably sure that they’ve accomplished something.

      The Fool has a lot of meanings. All Major Trumps have many meanings depending on where they show up in the spread — and what kind of spread is being used. And it’s all about context. Mostly though, the primary thing about the Fool is he goes blindly forward into the unknown. It may work out well or badly — all part of the same unknown. It can (does) work both ways. He may turn out to be brilliant or just unique … or a complete moron. The card does NOT specify.

      I used to get the Hierophant and I was a huge disappointment. But that was because I wasn’t interested in learning so I could lead. I was simply interested in learning because I enjoyed it.

      The blindness of the fool is not always stupid, though it can be. The Fool goes his way. Not listening to anyone — by choice. He may be a brave man seeking solutions to complex problems and unwilling to follow normal procedures — or he may be a complete asshole. The card does not indicate personality traits, only that the Fool (Magician) does what he/she does for his/her own reasons — good, bad, or whatever.

      Most people who study cards more or less stop before they get under the surface. Card reading is complicated, deep, and sometimes frightening. I was good at it and they scared me. It turns out, I just didn’t need to KNOW all that stuff and the only way to NOT know it was to not look at the cards. I can still read them. But I don’t.

      A brief “Tarot joke.”

      I liked to read WITHOUT the person for whom I am reading present. Preferably, a person I ‘ve never met and about whom I know nothing. So I got a horoscope and a reading on someone and said “This one powerful scope. She’s some kind of genius!”

      I met the woman. She was STUPID — but she was incredibly good at ONE thing: dying hair to any color with absolute perfection. Sometimes what you see is one thing, but the person to whom it attaches isn’t quite what you expected 😀 (I did get a really good dye job, though!)


  2. Looking outside from the land of Brexit I sometimes have difficulty in deciding which one I worse off.
    You can ditch this quirk of the voting system (less votes than Clinton) in 2020.
    Sadly the mindset of 30+ million people who put him there has not improved.
    As in the UK, with Brexit, true dialogue between the two sides has become a rare and fragile thing.

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  3. An excellent, wise and sadly probably absolutely accurate impression of this report. I won’t see it and have to go by what I learn here and there – but it’s truly depressing ‘lecture’. Thank You for your outstanding contribution to put some light in for us out there who ‘know nothing’.


    1. I know most people won’t read it. I’m a very fast reader when I decide to read and I’m particularly fast at documentary material, probably because my entire career was reading and writing this stuff. For all the people who would like to know what it says, I thought I’d do a small wrap up to at least give everyone a “taste” of what it said.

      They may not have taken Trump to court and prosecuted him, but he doesn’t come off as a good man or an even acceptable president. He looks like the miserable jerk that he is. It may not get him out of office, but it does confirm what many of us already believed. And that, I suppose, is something.

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        1. I didn’t study it, but many of us sort of picked it up as part of getting our jobs done. You get these huge papers to read and if you read them slowly, paragraph by paragraph, you’ll never succeed. Speed reading is useful, but not for anything you want to enjoy. For that, there’s slow reading … and audiobooks. One of the reasons I love audiobooks is that reading is done at the speed of normal speech, so I can relax and hear the whole book!

          Speed reading a novel would be sort of pointless.

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    1. It’s work no one wants to do. I don’t want to. You don’t want to. Garry doesn’t want to. If we took a poll, I’m pretty sure everyone would run screaming in the other direction. But if no one will do the work, we are going to wind up with horrible politicians.


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