21 thoughts on “EARTH DAY AND LET’S NOT FORGET! – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Do you get that too? It makes Garry completely nuts that people toss trash from their cars onto our property. You would think we’d come at least further that “throw it out the window,” but we look like woods so that’s the same as “public trash bin.”

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            1. The rivers are cleaner and at least here in Massachusetts, they have done a LOT of work cleaning up the soil. But it’s not done yet and some of it will never be done because the amount of toxic soil is so huge, they are afraid to release it lest it make the situation worse.

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                1. This valley was the original home of the American industrial revolution. Although we think the poisons which we pour into the soil are more powerful than the “natural” stuff they used in the old days, it’s not true. The dyes and tanning material they used in the 1800s are incredibly toxic. Many places in this valley in insanely toxic and probably always will be, especially the soil behind the dams. If they release the soil, the whole river will be polluted by the toxic soil.

                  We’ve been toxifying this planet for a very long time. We’ve fixed parts of it, but we’ll never fix the whole thing.

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                  1. Probably not. Humans are too greedy to think about the small matter of the planet we live on. It’ll bite us back one day.


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