OILING DOWN THE ANGRY – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango β€” Oil on the water

Oil is supposed to settle down rapidly boiling water.

It doesn’t.

The water keeps boiling at the same level only there’s oil on it. Patches of oil. In my house, oil is olive (usually) but out in the Real World, ocean water glistens with oil meant to run trucks, cars, and heat homes. A good thing insofar as it was warm a few days ago, so I turned down the thermostat … and now, it’s cold.

Not bitterly, miserably dead-winter cold. No, it’s wet and gets into your bones. It feels a lot colder than it is.

Garry and I have been trying to figure out if we are suffering from the pollen (it’s high) and it’s from trees. We’ve got trees). That or one of us made unintentional contact with a sick person.

Garry pointed out to me since I had (recently) pointed the same thing to him (recently), that it doesn’t matter if it’s a cold or allergies. You feel equally crappy regardless.

NOTE: Anyone who says “Oh, it’s JUST allergies,” has never had allergies. An allergy is a cold that only ends when the snow falls. If you get sick and feel better three days later, you were sick. If you feel like crap but are still feeling awful three months later when the trees are turning, it was an allergy.

It’s probably the best part of winter that unless I actually get sick, which I do very rarely now (I think I had everything when I was younger and am now resistant to everything), I stop sneezing until spring comes again. In case no one noticed, it IS (technically) spring. I know this because during the two sunny days this month, I took pictures of our bunch of daffodils.

Since we are apparently allergic to everything and we live in pollen central, we suffer. Even the dogs suffer. Our dogs have sneezing fits. To be fair, our pollen is so bad that sometimes — about a week from now is my best guess, assuming it stops raining by then — the air looks like it’s snowing, except the snow is green. Everything turns green. The car is covered in green pollen.

Goldfinch flock – Sneezing?

Do the birds sneeze? That could really ruin the hawks hunting time. And if the little birds sneeze, it could make it hard for them to hide in the branches. But if ALL of them sneeze …

“The wood would resound with the sound of sneezing …”

I have sneezing fits. Sometimes I just keep sneezing for so long I forget when I started. It makes Garry’s hearing implements go crazy, so eventually, he has to cover his ears. If I get loud enough, he has to leave the room. I am a hearty sneezer.

Back to the oil. If oil theoretically makes boiling water settle down (I think it just pollutes it), maybe we should pour oil on each other. We could then be sick and slimy simultaneously. The dogs would love it and would lick every inch of us.

Yummy olive oil! We could stick salad to our arms and legs and be really green. I could wear a tomato hat and Garry could arm himself with huge cucumbers.

I think I’m losing it.

All I want are THREE SUNNY DAYS so I can clean out the garden. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Yup! And Yup!!

    (Yer losing it and it IS too much to ask! – Sorry 😦 )

    There is only one foolproof cure for pollen allergies that i’m aware of… just stop breathing! – Eek!

    Anything else i can help you with? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


  2. It’s utterly infuriating when someone says “it’s only allergies.” Allergies are hell on wheels and make you feel wretched (worse than a cold because it’s unending) until it ends. At least with a cold there is an end. Sorry if it’s allergies because they take forever especially if your unable to use allergy medications to assist with the issue, and this I know personally.


  3. I just got over an awful cold. A little bit of sniffles left, but I blame that on allergies… (Sick – I wake up and feel far more tired than when I went to bed. My bones ache. Bad. I don’t have a cough or runny nose or anything, but living is difficult – those come later. I don’t have the energy to wish I was dead and doubt if I would notice if I did die. Allergies – my eyes burn, I sniffle and I cough and I sneeze. I go running, exercise, etc. and feel fine, except for those symptoms.)


    • That sounds like you got the whole bag of goodies — allergies AND a cold … or flu? Mostly, what we’ve got are runny noses, eyes that feel like someone threw sand in them, and a tiredness that begins in the morning and gets worse until we crawl into bed. We are trying to be good sports about it and we are not succeeding.

      Feel better soon. Sleep. Chicken soup. More chicken soup and if you aren’t better soon, maybe a trip to the doctor because it could be something that needs antibiotics.

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      • It might have been the flu, but I never know. It started Thursday but, as I said, is pretty much over now, just the little lingering allergy symptoms, but not bad.


  4. Beautiful beautiful. All this pollen and blooming πŸ€—πŸ’œ


  5. We had a very wet winter here in San Francisco, so the pollen count is a lot higher than usual and many are suffering from allergies that normally don’t around these parts. Fortunately, I’m not one of them. Hopefully for you, it won’t last too much longer.


    • Living in the woods has a downside and that is we have enormously high pollen levels — much high than are measured in more open terrain. So it’s trees now, but it’ll be weeds and ragweed soon enough, followed by whatever it is in the fall. We use a LOT of eyedrops! And tissues.

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  6. I wish I knew what makes my nose run and my eyes are running too.


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