Share Your World 4-22-19

Was the last thing you read digital or print?

Digital and it was “The Mueller Report.” Otherwise, most of my reading (other than comments and posts ) are audiobooks with a little bit on Kindle. I don’t really have a decent reading light by my bed anymore. I’m used to reading Kindle with its own backlight.

Are you more an extrovert or introvert?

It depends on the situation. I’m not good with large crowds, but I’m pretty extroverted in small groups with good friends.

How is your life different from what you imagined as a younger person?

May flocks of Goldfinch follow you everywhere

I got OLD. How did THAT happen? Worse yet, all the people who I knew when I was young — they got old TOO. That’s just not fair!

Do you think about dying?   Does death scare you?  Why or why not?

I don’t worry about dying. I worry about staying alive.

Who has been nicest to me in my life?

That is a question I cannot answer. As a start, I can’t remember all the people in my life. If whoever they were, they were part of my much younger life, I don’t remember them. Sometimes, not even a footnote.

For another … how long do we remember people? I remember asking my Aunt Kate, who was in her 80s at the time, about “life in the Old Country” and she said, “Darling, I don’t remember. It was 75 years ago.”

Titmouse and Chickadee have a turn at the feeder

Anything much that happened in my 20s I’ve mostly forgotten with a few exceptions, but the memories are going fast! Unless I still KNOW that person and can share memories, they have just slipped away. I’m sure they are in that giant hard drive in my head, but I get a lot of notifications labeled “FILE NOT FOUND.”

For another thing, “nicest” is too vague. I don’t know what it means.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

20 thoughts on “WORLD SHARING IN A WET APRIL – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Last thing I read (“Hal Wallis: Starmaker”) was in print. Thoroughly enjoyed “auto bio” of prolific movie producer from Hollywood’s “golden era”. He takes you through the process of getting movies made in that halcyon cinema period. It’s a fascinating “how hey did it” look rather than a gossipy tell all — even though there are some juicy tidbits in there about movie legends. I always wanted to be a fly on the wall as they shot classics like “Casablanca”, “Gone With The Wind”, “The Wizard of Oz”, etc. Many of Wallis’ descriptions of the legends jibe with my encounters with people like Katherine Hepburn, James Cagney, Charlton Heston, etc.

      Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert at home, extrovert in public when engaged by people who remember me from my TV News days. It’s almost an automatic switch.


      1. I get that. I do the same. Depends on circumstances. You lived an interesting life. Both of you. Pretty fantastic. Have either of you thought I’d doing an autobiography? It w9ukd be fascinating to many.


  1. I love these posts – I like the insight it gives, and it’s always good to know what makes people tick. Great answers, Marilyn. 🙂


    1. A lot of my life is hidden. But mostly, it’s hidden because frankly, I don’t remember it. I used to remember it, but so much has happened since then, that it’s layers and layers down in the “file not found” section of my mental hard drive. Every once in a while, I watch a movie or hear a song and it reminds me of something … but usually only a piece of it without the details or context. I’ve had a very busy life.

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  2. I define “nice” as this: Someone who was kind overall. Nobody is kind nor nice all the time, we’re human. But there are folks who stand out. I respect the aging and the loss of memories that aren’t used often enough to remain viable…but overall? I’d say you’re sharp as a tack – at least from what I’ve read. And being involved and active (within one’s limits obviously) is the key to staying “young”. Young is overrated anyway. Look how foolish we all were! Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your (birdies) World! 🙂


    1. Life can be long and other than the friends I still have, who are wonderful, there were others, but I don’t remember them or the events clearly. Time has its way with memories. You think you’ll remember it all forever, but you don’t.


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