FOTD – April 26, 2019 – Tulip

We had two sunny days and after this, it’s supposed to pour with heavy winds for the next few days. So we got out and took some pictures.

Thus I learned we have a tulip. One tulip. One yellow tulip. I see no evidence of future tulips, but this is our tulip. I also have a bunch of completely dead rhododendrons — with a bunch of new ones. I’m not sure how to deal with this because I can’t actually reach the plants. I’m too short and the ground is all mud. Maybe the rain will end one of these days.

The Yellow Tulip

Another (but really the same) Yellow Tulip

It’s official. It has rained three times for every day of not-rain. It has been continuously raining or about to rain for the entire month. April showers? How about April monsoons?

21 thoughts on “OUR FIRST TULIP (MAYBE THE ONLY TULIP) – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. It might only be one, but it is a very very nice one! 🙂

    Lovely shots.

    I found a very, very unusual visitor (plus a simply very unusual one) to my neighbourhood today and took LOTS of photos!

    When i’ve gone through all the pics i took and have selected a few i’ll post them – Look on Monday!! 😉


  2. You do seem to have had more than your fair share of April showers this year! But that is a gorgeous tulip, and a little golden sign of hope. Ironically, having had an Easter of glorious weather, it seems we’re in for a storm-bashing over the coming weekend here, so you’re not alone after all… 🙂


  3. Your lonely tulip made me smile – I have hundreds, planted by numbers of some 50+ every year. The surprise is always: Are they being eaten by the mice/other underground munchers or not?! Some survive, others never make it – and usually it’s the ‘cheap’ ones, the simple species who survive. My frilly ones, the ‘filled’ ones get the death panel….
    One of my largest rhododenrums has died too in the last summer’s heat. We have two linden trees (giants) who obviously sucked up all the water we gave the plants. Even the hardy hedge behind the trees is a dark brown and we will have the gardeners coming to take all these out – it’s a big job and I checked, there’s no sign of any life in the rhodo…. at all – sad!

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