PROUD TO BE CIVIL – Marilyn Armstrong

Politically correct. What outrage that term produces! How dare anyone tell me how to behave, how to speak? I can say anything I want. I mean … look at our president!

Yeah. Look at our president. Take a good look.

To be politically correct means to tread carefully on other people’s feelings and sensibilities. I’m for that.

Around here, “P.C,” means you can’t go around spewing racist epithets thinly disguised as humor or these days, as pure hatred. PC is designed for all the morons, bigots, racists and the socially challenged. It is a simple rule: “DON’T SAY THAT,” works much better than sensitivity training.

So many amongst us have no sensitivity to train.

Even if the morons who insist they don’t mean it — in which case why are they saying it? — I feel any rule or law that protects me from having to listen to hate is political capital well spent.

I would not call it political correctness.
I would call it civility.
Good manners.
Common decency.

If anyone feels that not calling other people insulting names is cramping their style, these are the exact people for whom these rules were intended. These are precisely the folks who most need them. Normal people have enough intelligence and good manners to know when to shut up without being told. They don’t need those rules. They already “get it.”

For everyone else, we have rules. Call it whatever you want. PC, good manners, civility, sensitivity, or politeness. It’s the same thing.

When we are amongst friends and we know each other well, we relax, let out guards down. Especially when we are a minority among others like us with similar culture and history, it’s all good. We are family, we act silly like family. But if you are not one of us, leave your mouth outside. I don’t need to be insulted. I don’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Many people still think racism is sort of cute. I think they should be eliminated from the gene pool.

23 thoughts on “PROUD TO BE CIVIL – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I’m so vintage I remember growing up when no one had to tell you how to speak because you still possessed common sense which kept you from purposely saying unkind or outrageous stuff. But, over the years it has evolved to where between the folks who have no filter and the folks who are looking for a reason to sue, sometimes quiet is good.


    • Garry has a colleague from work that is so unpleasant about everything that people don’t come to get-togethers just to avoid the guy. And after all these years, he doesn’t get it. He thinks he has the right to say whatever he wants and we should all love him for being rude and obnoxious. And he’s in his 70s, so you’d think he’d have figured it out by now.

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  2. With Donald Trump as president, political correctness, civility, and even common decency are pretty much dead these days. As they say, shit flows downhill.


  3. It’s sad that “politically correct” really doesn’t exist any more. Civility, yes. Manners, yes. But politically correct, if our leaders are examples, no longer means what it was intended to mean.


  4. Well put. But then I expect no less from you. The issue I have with “PC” is the level to which it’s held in esteem. Good manners, civility and common sense should NEVER be dismissed. Unfortunately “PC” appears to mean some asshole who doesn’t have the common sense God gave a grasshopper is offended by something said or done, which has nothing to do with the asshole in the first place. PC appears to give licence to said asshole to sue someone, proclaim loudly about how the asshole’s rights were violated and their sensibilities offended. Aw shut up. I said the remedy for the overly PC personage is a huge dose of ‘mind your own business’. But then that’s probably NOT politically correct either, is it?


    • There really are no PC laws. They don’t exist except in someone’s head. No legislature has passed one anywhere in this country, though they DO have anti-racist laws (speech, writing, etc.) in other countries, as we should here too since common sense is not nearly common enough. Yes, anyone can sue anyone for any reason, but mostly all they are going to do is give all their money to lawyers because you do have to have evidence and proof to win a lawsuit. You can’t just stand in front of a judge and whine and think you’re going to get big money from it.

      You can make a fuss on social media or on a blog, but other than encouraging comments from other assholes, that’s not going to get you much either.

      The place where this tends to get ridiculous is in schools — colleges especially — where education levels are high, but common sense if limited. It’s not a “law,” but they are afraid someone is going to go away and take their tuition money with them.


  5. Ouch, that last sentence hurts…. that‘s a bit harsh because those who speak thus are probably gifted with the IQ of a geranium leaf, so it‘s not helping them or us getting any better.
    But I strongly agree with the context of your post. And I like the Kennedy quote!


    • Personally, the dumber than a geranium crew? Do we really NEED them? I’m not up for killing anyone, but let them die off gently and in peace. They are not improving the quality of humans on earth.

      I love the Kennedy quote, too.

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      • Alright; I‘m in a soft mood, it‘s Sunday – and let‘s not insult those geraniums 😉 😉
        (And yes, I‘m a sucker for great quotes AND great cartoons….)


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