I took these the last time we had sunshine, so it must have been Wednesday. Since then, it has been cold and rainy … but at least I got the daffodils when they were at the finest.

There may be some sunshine next week, but I’m beginning to think we are living in a rain forest. A bone-chillingly cold rain forest!

Bright Daffodils!
They grow right in front of the old tractor
I should have gone inside and gotten my macro lens, but I couldn’t do the stairs twice in a row!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

15 thoughts on “THE BRIGHTEST DAFFODILS – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Today is beautiful and I notice the Mayflowers are growing in the back. There is a hint of green on the trees. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to last. I think it’s going to gray over before the day is out. We really are having some pretty nasty weather and I sure do hope it’s going to end soon. It gets a bit dreary about a few months of endless grayness and rain.

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      1. I can sympathise (not empathise!) with you over the endless grey and rain.

        We met our monthly rainfall average (only an inch and a half) this month – first time in 6 months!! And that took a total of about 3 actual rainy days – the other 117 of this year and a good 60 or more before that has been virtually one sunny blue sky day after the other. ( I know… poor me, right??)

        You actually have Mayflowers??? As in the Pilgrim’s boat? I don’t think i can recall ever seeing one? Hopefully yours will thrive and you can post a pic?


        1. Little tiny blue flowers that spread out on the lawns. They are usually everywhere by now along with our native violets and some other wildflowers. But a lot of them are not growing. It’s simply too wet. They may come up in May if it stops raining for a while. These days, you are either deluged or dusty dry. No in between.

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          1. It certainly seems to be flood or famine these days regards our respective weather?

            Are the flowers on long thin stalks, or close to the ground? I have some small lilac-y blue blue flowers coming out in the lawn now we’ve had a few days of rain which tend to spread and come from tiny bulbs.


    1. We used to get the white ones and the yellow ones, too. We seem to have lost the white ones. They were also very pretty. I thought they were different species, but they are all variations on a theme of daffodils. I’m just happy they are still alive!

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