RDP Monday: Nimble

This is our squirrel. He shows up in the middle of the day and hangs around, in the most literal sense, for hours. He wraps himself around the feeder like a fur coat, hanging by one paw or two, upside down, or completely twisted into a configuration that’s hard to figure out.

He definitely does not have back problems and I’m pretty sure he thinks he lives on our deck.

23 thoughts on “THE MOST NIMBLE OF ALL SQUIRRELS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Boy, that squirrel is really giving you a view through the feeder…. has he no decency?

    If they’re hanging, upside down is pretty much the only way they can eat since they need access to their front paws to break open the nuts and seeds. It makes me dizzy just to see them do that, but they’re so darned cute eating upside down…

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    • This guy, who is with us more hours of the day than not, likes to coil around the feeder and suck the seeds out. We have other, bigger squirrels, but this little guy — who has grown a lot, probably from eating 10 pounds of seeds a week on our deck — is filling out nicely! And what an acrobat!


  2. What a character! That’s something we do have in common – we have lots of grey squirrels over here, and they make me laugh. It always amazes me how agile they are. I remember one swiping a chunk of chocolate from my hand in a park once, then having the audacity to sit behind me on the fence and munch it. Lovely pictures, Marilyn. Thanks for making me smile. πŸ™‚

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