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“For those of you who may not follow American politics, let me introduce to you Pete Buttigieg. “Mayor Pete,” as he is known, is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States. He is a graduate of Harvard University, a Rhodes Scholar, a Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan. He is currently the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana. And as a bonus — he’s white and Christian. The perfect candidate, right?

He’s ranking third or fourth (out of 20) in the early political polls and is getting a lot of attention and positive press.

He’s also gay and married to his husband, Chasten. Wait! What?”

So here is the question:

“Do you think America is ready for an openly gay person to be elected to the office of President of the United States? Explain your opinion.”

I first would like to point out that “gay” used to mean happy and carefree … and America is 100% ready for that! I can’t think of anything we need more than a spirit of joy and freedom.

As for the more modern meaning of “gay,” my answer is a solid “I don’t know.”

I would, given the negative ionization of the air over America for the past two and something years, would be inclined to say no. Except that I would also have been sure we would not have a black president — twice — and we could never have such a current lowlife elected to the presidency, either.

Each was impossible and both were elected.

Pete Buttigieg – Photo: ABC News

So I don’t know. Our political pendulum swings wildly from side to side, kind of “The Pit and the Pendulum” of American politics. It isn’t unusual for us to go from very liberal to very conservative presidents and we’ve done it any number of times. Can we do it this time?

I really don’t know. There’s a lot of “playing out” of our political spider web still to be done. It’s not impossible and it also isn’t likely. Which is to say it’s neither probable nor outlandish.

I would hope the qualities of the man will be the point on which judgments are made, not to whom he is married. Hey, at least he is married and not a serial philanderer. Or a sociopathic liar. Or a self-promoting moron.

But who knows? Maybe America is not ready for a sane president yet. Maybe we need to roll around in the sty with the pigs for another term of office before we get our fill of this particular nightmare.

And maybe the world will never be the way it was after this presidency. There are too many questions without answers, so, in my opinion, it is also too early to gauge for whom we might vote.

We have miles to go in that snowy woods. What I do know is that the Democrats have yet to even make it clear for what they stand. Until they get their heads wrapped around their position, you can’t know where the voters stand.

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  1. Up here in Canada Justin is going to make it mandatory. Also must be indigenous and female.


  2. I don’t know enough about Mayor Pete to say if he will be a good president. It would seem from the early going that he is a much better human being than the Moron in Chief. I am not sure Pete is electable this cycle, but as you say, we have been surprised by the outcomes of the past. We know if people are ready to print “Dewey Defeats Truman,” as our home town Republican paper did, they better wait until it is all the votes are in.


  3. He sounds like he’d be a great candidate but whether America is ready I can’t say. I wasn’t sure they were ready for a woman as President and apparently, last time around the country was not. I remember how pleased I was when Obama was elected as I wasn’t sure that would happen either so that is a positive example. I’d agree that you need a good President regardless of colour, gender or sexual persuasions. Those things should not matter but to many people they still do. We, Australia and the USA are still at the stage where we find the idea of a female leader or a gay leader unusual but one day that is bound to change. It ought not to be seen as an issue when deciding who will do the best job of running the country but politics is a personality game, unfortunately. Still, one thing that Pete Buttigieg has in his favour is that he is young. He may get his chance one day.


  4. Yes indeed, the pendulum swings in wide arcs and never narrow ones. Time will tell.


  5. You all, and I, may be ready as his sexuality should have nothing to do with his ability to govern with an awareness of the important issues affecting this country. What I do fear is that his candidacy is doomed to fail in the sea of Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Biden are, for me, the chief front runners.., but I am hopeful that stragglers will have the decency to withdraw when pollution of the race becomes apparent.


  6. Most of my friends and I would vote for him, but I fear there are too many Trumpets and still “in the closet” prejudiced people that would tear him to pieces and defeat him. I don’t believe our country is ready for a gay President,but I also hope to God I’m wrong.


  7. No. What we need is a GOOD president, and if he or she is gay in the proper English language sense, more power to them.

    A person’s private behavior should stay private. When personal and controversial behavior becomes a part of a political platform, we should wonder where the party or individual stands on substantive national issues. Say, illegal wars and the present military/police state run by certain eminence grises who need to get smoked out into the public view. Or the death of the middle class.

    As to male homosexuals – they only make up 2% of the US population – why build campaigns on them? They shouldn’t be harmed for that lifestyle, but to make it a Big Deal in an election is going to lose voters.

    The Democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot and losing campaigns when they brag about unconventional and controversial personal behaviors.

    The Curmudgeon.


    • Democrats are the professionals at shooting themselves in the foot. Or feet. This is just a bad time to be so disorganized … and they don’t even have any kind of issues on which they have agreed. They need to figure out what we stand for, what we plan to do, how we plan to do it. At least Buttigieg is young. If he doesn’t get the nod now, he has time. But to be fair, I so intensely dislike Trump and his bottom feeders, I’d vote for any Democrat. I’m at the “anyone but Trump” stage.


  8. As an English woman it’s perhaps not the discussion for me to take part in. However, that’s not stopped me before so I’ll just say what most of us have observed from afar.
    Firstly, everyone over here (well almost) agrees with you about Trump.
    Secondly, The right wing mad Christian reference is often the one portrayed in documentaries about America.
    Thirdly, America in general is often portrayed as a racist prejudiced nation and obviously, Trump hasn’t helped in this respect, he’s just brought more of them out of the woodwork and not done your country any favours. You as an American Jewish woman are more qualified than I am on this subject.

    So looking at the portrayed evidence I would say most of your country is not ready.
    As the mother of a Gay son I would like to think that Pete Buttigieg will be allowed to go to the top of his chosen profession. fortunately, my son, as a teacher doesn’t have to rely on votes to reach the top of his! 🙂


    • I have a gay son, too.

      But you just never know what this country is going to do. It can be pretty strange.

      Our history is pretty strange, too. Garry never imagined he’d live to see a man of color as President … nor did he imagine he’d immediately thereafter see a complete racist moron in office.

      It only proves that this country isn’t one country. It’s a lot of countries all wrapped in one flag. As you move around from place to place, you realize how VERY different each piece of the country is. That’s also a lot of what is wrong with it. Sort of like you guys and Ireland.

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      • Oh there’s a massive amount wrong with ours too., including the recent rise of racism. The Irish thing is Historical and really should be put to bed now. I have both Catholic and Protestant Irish friends and they too feel the same way. They just want to be allowed to live their lives side by side without further deaths.


  9. “I would hope the qualities of the man [or woman] will be the point on which judgments are made, not to whom he [or she] is married.”

    I would hope that too, but with the way things have been going lately….


    • I know how things have been going lately, but we have a long history of wild swinging from very conservative to very liberal behind us. It doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen, but it has happened before and we are due for another leftward swing.

      This is why however horrible “lately” has been, lately is not necessarily the gauge of what is to come. Certainly sooner would be a whole heap better than later, but we aren’t going to have this asshole in charge forever. For one thing, he’s old and not in particularly good shape. He’s fat, doesn’t exercise, and eats incredibly badly. He isn’t going to live for 150 years and with the number of McDonald’s cheeseburgers he eats, I think It’s not unreasonable to wonder if he has another year or two in those arteries.

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  10. Why not. He just has to be a good president.

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  11. I don’t see where being gay has anything to do with it. Would he be a good president ? – that is the question.

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