Red Buds on the Christmas Cactus – FOTD – 05/01/ 2019

And just as the pink Christmas Cactus dropped its final flower, buds appeared on the red cactus. I am particularly grateful to my indoor plants for blooming because outside, the endless rain has been killing everything.

Bushes I was sure were impervious to weather — like the Rhododendrons — are withering and dying. The ground is so soaked, the roots can’t find any oxygen. They are literally drowning.

Buds with my Norfolk Pine behind it.

So the nearly constant blooming of the cactus is a bit of a life saver for me. At least there is some color, a little brightness, and cheer.

You can see a second bud in the background

There are no blooms on the plants yet, but there will be in a few days. And meanwhile, the orchid is sending out shoots too.

Nice fat red bud!

9 thoughts on “FAT RED BUDS ON A CHRISTMAS CACTUS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Oh, Marilyn, more beautiful Christmas cacti!!! You must really have the touch with this type of plant, you post photos of them almost year-round!


    • I literally put them in the window (east-facing), water them when they are really dry, and the rest just happens. I don’t feed them, re-pot them, trim them or anything. The cactus really likes the eastern light, I guess. Because I don’t do anything except occasionally water them.

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