Of all the birds who come up from the south to breed and sing in the summertime, my favorite is the Carolina Wren. They are the loudest singer for their size of any bird and they have a really beautiful set of songs. I often hear them through the closed windows and wall in the bedroom.

“Ah,” I think, “The little wrens are awake and singing.” It’s a very happy sound, even when it’s another gray day.

They are not normally easy to photograph because they are so active, but they too have decided to spend time hanging on the feeder … that is when the squirrels and the doves finally finish chowing down. It’s hard to say who eats more. I think it’s a tie.

16 thoughts on “THE MERRY CALL OF THE CAROLINA WREN – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. What a cutie! I love wrens too, and yes they do have a disproportionately loud voice for their size! Well done for capturing such great shots of them. I’m very impressed – they’re so small and swiftly moving that I’ve never even tried to photograph them.

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  2. I’ve heard that bird song before. Since I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to birds, my mind kind of blends all the calls together, but that one’s very familiar and now I’ll know who it belongs to (at least until I forget again)…

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    • The bird feeder calms them down. I sometimes have three or four of them on the feeder at one time. I hope they remember how to get food on their own. I sometimes worry that they are getting too spoiled. But we are so enjoying spoiling them. Sometimes I have to stop Garry from filling the feeders too often. They need to occasionally find food in the woods.

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    • I publish right after midnight and I’m 3 hours (or 4?) ahead of you … so you sign on around 9 at night? Sounds pretty normal 🙂 I schedule stuff so unless I’m on vacation or sick, it goes up at the same time pretty much every day.

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      • I can now hear the birds as they chirp/sing. It’s beautiful. Maybe they’re singing, “Thank you for supper”.


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