FOWC with Fandango — Finest

Duke did not steal it. I blamed him, although he was noticeably unruffled by being blamed since he does not consider stealing small plastic objects he can chew as something shameful. It’s just delightfully crunchy. Pill bottles (empty), DVD covers, other miscellaneous containers — and two pairs of kitchen scissors plus Garry’s red mouse. I knew it was him. It had fang marks. Garry may chew, but he has no fangs, at least that I know about.

We had errands to run today. It’s May 2nd or (depending on the day) late winter. I put on my sweat pants, turtleneck sweater, wool socks, shoes, and my peacoat. I should have also worn a hat because — yes — it was raining.

How unusual.

Garry asked if I was ready to go, so I closed my computer, grabbed my little camera and tucked it into my bag and off we went. We had to sign papers at the insurance company, mail some stuff to the Town of Uxbridge (to prove we still live here), and go grocery shopping.

All of which we did. When we got home and I unpacked the groceries and put everything where it belonged, I called Owen to tell him to pick up his mail — and by then it was past the dog’s dinner time and a little past ours, too, I took out my computer and turned it on. I had a few bills to pay. Nothing big, which is why I had to pay them. It’s the little ones I forget.

But I couldn’t do anything because my mouse had vanished. Both Garry and I stared at The Duke who appeared to wonder what the problem was. He has previously stolen two pairs of kitchen scissors and had eaten Garry’s mouse. So who wouldn’t assume he’d also eaten mine? Any dog owner would have assumed the same thing, right?

With a flashlight, we examined the underside of all the furniture (dirt, all that dirt), the dog crate (where we had previously found both pairs of scissors and Garry’s mouse). Nothing.

The Duke

And then, looked at my end table where I keep the computer, my big external drive and about a dozen chargers for miscellaneous camera batteries. My little camera was sitting there, in its case.

But. I put my camera in my bag, lest there be a picture to take. IF my little camera was on the end table — what did I put in my bag?

Suddenly, I knew. It was my mouse.

Totally humiliated, I extracted my mouse, mumbled about getting REALLY old and moved on with life.

Out of the whole week — and it was one hell of a week — this was my finest day. It was perfect.  This was possibly the finest hour of my finest day. I had both of us crawling around the floor looking for the mouse that I’d put in my bag because I thought it was my camera. It looks nothing like my camera. It’s not in a case, for one thing. It weighs a few ounces while the camera is almost a pound.

Camera and mouse

My body did something completely different than my brain was perceiving. This worries me. How many other things am I doing that I don’t know I’m doing? Until they call me and tell me I didn’t pay the bill, I really don’t know.

You can’t make this stuff up. Even if you try. (And why would you try?)

My doctor says I am not sinking into dementia. I know because I asked him. I believe he replied by saying, “Not a chance!” As if I had was hoping for a cure from life and he was giving me the bad news with which I would have to cope.

The dog really did not do it. I done it. Myself.

Sorry, Duke. You did eat Garry’s mouse. You left DNA with the fang marks.

42 thoughts on “FINEST DAY OF THE WEEK, DEPENDING ON HOW YOU LOOK AT IT – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. That is a brilliant photo of The Duke – a classic.

    I really need to up the research on the Brain. There are reasons many of us do things like that and i’d really like to know what they are and what if any thing(s) we can to to prevent, or at least reduce, it.


  2. Those things just happen when we have a lot on our minds or get distracted. That’s a lot like putting something in the cupboard that really belongs in the refrigerator:) Duke has such a sweet face!


  3. It happens to me too. The good thing was that you immediately recollected about putting your camera in your bag, and discovered that there was a switch.


  4. We all do stuff like this and I guess you will never know why you picked that mouse up. As for Duke he obviously doesn’t suffer from guilt and I doubt he would even realise he was falsely suspected. If you feel bad I’m sure it’s nothing an extra biscuit won’t fix.


  5. I find that not worrying but amusing. And it has nothing to do with being forgetful but simply you didn’t THINK. That’s all…. I do silly things like that too and I’m not (yet) worried about dementia. Just take the example of the number of times I’ve been climbing up to the first floor or have gone down to the basement and have returned with a ton of stuff but w/o the one thing I needed.
    I agree, Duke HAS eaten Garry’s mouse…. he thinks he’s a cat! 🙂

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  6. Have you ever put something in the fridge that wasn’t meant to go there? A friend said her husband put a shoe in the fridge and the teapot by the door on a table. She never could figure that one out. I’d say it happens to the best of us. Our minds are full of other information, important information we don’t want to forget, and it’s at the forefront of our brain while other info is pushed back, that or we’re in a hurry and make a mistake. I loved the story though! Don’t feel so bad now when I forget to take my meds or forget I poured a cup of coffee and left it on the counter and went to sit down. 🙂

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  7. That is really funny. Poor, innocent Duke. I’ve never mistaken a camera for a mouse, but I have walked into room with a particular task in mind, but before I got around to carrying it out, whatever task it was escaped me.

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  8. I have been concerning myself with dementia lately for various reasons, but our symptoms are not dementia, just plain getting older and more forgetful. We are two golden oldies that seems to wander around searching and he finds mine and I find his.

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