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Normally, by May, I’m dusting off my sandals and happily finding my short-sleeved shirts and wondering if I have any lightweight summer pants. Not this year. I’m still in wool and sweatshirts. From the wooly socks to the light wool dress with a Red Sox hoodie on top, it’s not very merry this May in New England. Or, for that matter, in Ontario or many places across the northern parts of the country.

Rain, even snow is still falling. Despite that, maybe because it has been so terribly wet, the trees are greening up. It’s not pleasant weather, but it looks like May, no matter how it feels. The flowers aren’t blooming. That would be the lack of sunshine and the nearly constant rain … but I think I can promise that there will, at the very least, be leaves on the trees.

Cowbird and flyaway Chickadee

But that’s as good as it is getting. There are some early spring flowers. The Daffodils have grown and we have had one (just one) tulip. And the flags for future daylilies are rising from the sodden earth.

Cowbird and Chickadee

We have an event to go to next week, but the sandals aren’t even on my agenda. I’m wondering if it will be cold enough for boots!

I trust that eventually it will stop raining. And eventually, it will warm up. A lot of wildflowers are not up yet and they are very late. About a month late, actually. I suppose we will have this year what we had last year.

Greening of the woods

As soon as the season dries up and the sun comes out, everything will make up for the lost time and we will go from not having any flowers to a double-time growth as the late-blooming flowers fight for a spot in the sunlight. The problem is that when we get leafy trees before we get spring flowers, they don’t grow well because where they need the sunshine, they are instead getting shade from the trees.

A little Goldfinch

Not much I can do about it but wait and see how it develops. Took a few pictures yesterday, but they aren’t anything special, I fear.

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  1. The photos look wonderful to me, especially that lone Tulip.

    Down here we are a month from the ‘start’ of Winter. Our Spring flowers, Gladioli, Freesias, Alyssum, Poppies and some Summer Sedum are starting to come up!!! Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. 😦


  2. Beautiful images of lovely birds.


  3. We’re scheduled to his the medium to high double digits as of this week. It’s been quite warm, warm enough to warrant setting up the A C in advance as my son works 10 hour days and it can get really hot very quickly. Today there’ s a lovely breeze that is quite cool, which is a welcome surprise. We too shall see what happens. I would send you some sunshine if I could!

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  4. We had snowfalls in Switzerland today, not here yet, but I have covered my plants outside, very cold temperatures


    • Aren’t we glad that climate change is a myth? Because it is really COLD here. Every night, I turn on my electric heating pad and cover myself with a light blanket and try to defrost. I feel better when I’m not quite so COLD. We have a funeral next week and I had to launder my long wool dress because I can’t wear anything lighter. Actually, I’ll probably wear black pants and a tunic with my overcoat! I can’t wear heels and dresses don’t look great on my puffy legs.


  5. Here we are having everything from so hot it could be August to today’s cold and hailstorms. There are still daffodils and tulips out… but so are the bluebells and the first roses. By day it is either short sleeves and sandals or full winter gear… and by night I’m hugging hot water bottles.

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    • That sounds like home — minus the warm days. We have had a few not-so-cold days, but nothing that anyone could call warm. Mostly, it has been bone-chilling cold and raining. The Mississippi — the biggest river in North America — is flooding the whole middle of the country. It’s a minor miracle the Blackstone hasn’t overflowed, but that storm that has been sitting still over the midwest is about to move east. Tomorrow or the day after, we’ll be hit with another 2 or 3 INCHES of rain and the ground is already sodden. I have heating pads. Garry has two — one in the living room and another in the bedroom. Me too. And lately, I’ve been using both. I feel permanently frozen. Is this spring????

      Meanwhile, the wildflowers have not bloomed, yet the leaves are coming in on the oak trees and that normally doesn’t happen until the middle of May. I suppose all the rain … Sigh.

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  6. Peter is still wearing his long johns so it’s the same here.

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