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FOWC with Fandango — Anyway

I’m sending this to everyone because I think maybe I stayed with WordPress long enough to get them to start fixing the problems that have been bugging everyone.

Please forgive the spacing issues. It another one of WordPress’s never repaired problems. Some days, it’s worse than others.

This was the final note:

Steve D. (Automattic)

May 6, 19:30 UTC

Hey there!

We had a live chat recently where you noticed the settings within the Reader appeared to broken. After some investigating and a discussion with developers, it seems there are quite a few things that need to be fixed. I’ve opened up an issue with them to have this fixed. We’ll reply here once we have more information.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and for bringing this to our attention. Let us know if you have any other questions in the meanwhile!


Steve D.
Happiness Engineer

After Trent could not make a comment, though I did find both his comments in “spam” — usually I don’t find them at all — I went into my followers/manage/setting file to reset his link to me only to discover that the setting didn’t work. At all.


Nothing happened. I checked up and down the 75 blogs I follow (which is why I never seem to have time to actually keep up with everyone!) and all of the “settings” links were dead.

That was one bug over the line for me. These connection issues — the pingbacks that don’t ping or back, the comments that don’t work, the now you are connected, now you aren’t bug, not to mention the disappearing post notification issue and the “What happened to my followers?” problem … and I think and have said this before that ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS ARE CONNECTED.

They are not separate issues to be dealt with one at a time, but no one was listening.

Steve wasn’t listening either until he realized HIS settings weren’t working either. Suddenly, it was a bug. When he went to the developers, they said “Ooh, there are a LOT of bugs!” which of course is what we have all be saying for weeks, maybe months.

We have connection issues and I think it all goes back to the database which for at least two years has not been working as it should. The entire Reader is a mess of bugs.

What they have done is keep pushing forward without ever fixing the bugs they’ve left behind and they have accumulated and now, the problem is finally big enough for them to actually try and fix it.

You are welcome to send me congratulations. Cash would also help.

I just stayed on the line literally since I got up this morning. I refused to give up. Because no settings is not a little bug. It’s a really big one and you can’t work around it.

They were supposed to send me a transcript of the “chat” but for some reason, didn’t. All I can tell you for sure is that I really did my best and I hope something comes out of it. Because it is getting harder and harder to use this platform and sooner or later, any number of us will just give up.

I copied most of the relevant sections from the actual chat:

What’s a specific example of a setting on that you’re unable to change? I want to see if I see the same problem on my end, but want to make sure I do exactly what you’re doing.
ALL of them. NONE of them are working. Up and down the page, the grey settings function is not working.
Ah, the button I’ve highlighted in this screenshot, yes? https:/1/
I can click on the green “Following” and IT works, but not the settings underneath.

Gotcha! okay. I can see not only the issue on your end but I notice on my own Reader, the settings button doesn’t do anything as well. Give me just a moment to do some more digging.
Ah, so it isn’t just me. That helps. If it’s more general, you can track it down (I hope).
Not just you! Definitely makes it something we can troubleshoot easier. Let me get a hold of a developer to take a look with us. Give me just a few minutes.
No problem. I live on this computer. At least we know there’s an actual
Yup! Thanks for bringing it to our attention 🙂
I suppose you’ll get back to me? Hopefully, it will turn out that all of these weird connection issues are somehow linked. That would be fine. Not being able to adjust settings is a big deal, so sooner would be way better than later. At least we found the bug. No small thing, that. I’ve done a LOT of beta testing over the years. It went with writing manuals and other documentation. You could use more beta testers. Just saying. We can save developers a lot of time by finding bugs BEFORE users!

You’re definitely right 🙂 I just heard from the dev team who said they noticed some other odd things with the reader as well. I’m going to file this bug report for them now and I’ll contact you via email, where we can notify you once we have an update and a fix.

Thank you! I work at home, but I work.

Hey, me too 🙂

Ah, the Internet. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

The truth!

I shall await you. Meanwhile, I will tell all and sundry that finally, this is getting tracked down. It will make people REALLY happy!


Closing down and thank you. I don’t have your name … what is it?



Have a good day! I’m going to send a follow-up email to make contact now, and we’ll reply in that thread once we know more. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!

Hey, if this gets fixed. that’s huge. Can I save this chat? I don’t see a link for that.

Yup! Once the chat is over, you’ll receive an entire transcript via email. You can also open a new one and the entire history should be here as well.
Great. Have a wonderful day!

You too!

The transcript didn’t show up. I copied this from the actual “chat” file and it’s not the whole thing, but I think it’s the most relevant pieces.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

33 thoughts on “ANYWAY ANYWAY ANYWAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I’m a baseball maven. Sounds like the Word Press team needs an overhaul. Dump the old, over-the-hill Suits. Bring in some hungry, savvy young tech players who understand the existing chaos. Give them playing time to turn around the error-ridden franchise. And, show them the money!

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      1. It seems to be the nature of business today. Sell the Ether around you and not bother to provide the essentials nor care whether the client is happy. I’m glad you complained, Marilyn.


    1. I literally spent my entire day battling with them. It is so frustrating. Everyone knows about the problems. They seem to be the only people who don’t get it. Do they every actually USE their own software?


  2. I just read a post from another blogger I follow who pointed out that the spellchecker icon is gone from the classic editor page. Apparently this just happened, since it was there a few days ago? Is removing the spellchecker functionality another of WordPress’ unwanted “improvements”?


    1. I don’t think these are improvements. They are bugs. I used to do this crap for a living and when you create a bug and don’t have time or the wherewithal to fix it, you rename it and call it a “feature.”

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    2. I have added the free version of Grammarly to WordPress, so I still have a spell checker. It’s free. I’ll deal with this next time I have the strength to spend a day online with a developer. This is like actual WORK. This is in fact what I used to do for a living, but they PAID me. I didn’t pay them!

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  3. They are always plugging their business version, I get a lot of advertising emails from them, One can only hope that works better than the stuff for those of us who just like to write.


  4. So glad the devs are being pushed to clean up their messes, and you’re absolutely right about the need for beta testers. I have a background in tech support and tech writing too, plus I play MMOs, and beta testing is so basic, I’m astounded WordPress doesn’t have a test server dedicated to finding problems. No matter how much the devs may ‘check’ their architecture/code, they know how the system is supposed to work, and so they will never give it the kind of in-depth exploration that users can bring to the process.
    Keep us posted!


    1. They could just hire a bunch of US. We may be retired, but we can still find problems and report them and that’s what they desperately need. Of course, they also need to stop doing really stupid things to the software. Talking to users and finding out what we really WANT would be a nice place to start!


      1. Yes, yes and YES! I understand that they have to move with the times. I also understand that WordPress has to go mobile or lose its relevance, but I’m not convinced that dumbing down the pc program to make it compatible with mobile phones is the way to go. Cheaper, yes, but the loss of quality is noticeable, esp. to user like us who have been blogging for donkeys years. -sigh-
        I tried Medium for a while but missed my friends and community here on WordPress. :/


          1. Yeah, I had the same issue with Medium. The problem with migrating to a new platform is always that you end up losing the connections you had with the old one. Not all of them, but enough to make staying worthwhile. I sometimes wish I enjoyed Goodreads more, but the interface really annoys me. 😦


  5. I’m still having problems with WordPress. Missing photos and I can’t reblog posts from other blogs and have no reblog button on mine. Frustrating… The Happiness Engineers were always so helpful in the past, but since Gutenberg, it seems like my website/blog is a disaster. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed on my end. Hope all goes well by the time my new book is out…


    1. We are all in a mess. A lot of people who switched to the “new” format dropped out. It was ugly and NOT better. It just made the easy things harder AND it made a lot of the “classic editor” malfunction. So everything is a nightmare.


    1. I’ve spoken to them before. You have to be very determined to find a person who actually KNOWS something. They have a lot of people who clearly know nothing and you can’t talk to them because they have no knowledge to share. But one out of five, you hit the jackpot … and then with a little luck, they actually FIX something. But you have to have a LOT of patience. I used to write manuals for software and hardware. I have a LOT of patience when I need it.

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  6. Well done for having such a good go. I’ve noticed lots of buggy problems too. It’s about time they fixed them if it’s been going on that long. You’re a great ambassador for us bloggers, Marilyn! 🙂


    1. The problems have been building up for years. They never go back and fix anything. They forge on ahead leaving the wreckage behind them. This is not the way to build good software. It is exactly the way to build BAD software.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So THAT’s what was going on! For me it happened on Sunday. I just thought everyone was off doing something with their weekend (here it was gorgeous)… now I know WP is up to their old tricks. New engineers? Get some engineers that can and will fix something and then I’ll be impressed. Until then, it’s same sh*t different day.


  8. It’s an absolute downward spirale with and I don’t know what’s going on there.

    The only reason people still stay is because they basically have a monopoly… because honestly, all alternatives either died or are still there but much worse. Also, moving a blog is everything but not fun.

    It’s sad to see how they make this platform worse step by step.


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