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Bird pictures are included for sanity reasons.
We need some. Birds are good for that.

Yesterday, after spending my entire day trying to make a breakthrough on WordPress — and feeling that maybe I had made a tiny dent — I realized that Amazon had sent me my package with the wrong stuff in it. It was almost the final straw, not counting that the software people have removed the spell-checker from the post writer.

The singing Carolina Wren

This must be one of their improvements, like when they removed the “edit” function from all posts once they were posted. When asked why they did that, they said why would anyone need it?

They restored it when about a million of us told them they had their heads up their asses and to please PUT THE EDIT BUTTON BACK. Some of us like to fix errors and even (gads!) rewrite awkward sentences or fix typos.

Downy Woodpecker

Do any of these people actually write a blog or post anything? Do they have any beta testers? Do they have any Omega testers or Alpha testers — or anyone who tests anything before they shove it down to us? They also seem to have removed the help button again. I guess too many of us used it and now they have to (gasp) fix stuff.

Or maybe not.

It’s hard to believe that anyone at WordPress gives a rat’s ass about their “customers.” No one has ever made me feel valued.

It’s a woodpecker, but I can’t see enough of him to know which one.

I’ve had it for the day. If you haven’t heard from me yet, I’ll try to get to you today, but we have a long funeral in Boston on Wednesday and I don’t think I’ll have time or energy to do much, after that, there’s Thursday. If I’m still mentally capable.

Is this a test? Do we get an “A” if we pass? A gold star? Something? Anything?

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  1. All I can do is chatter like a parrot: “The more technology, the less communication.”

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  2. One thing I noticed about recent changes (this week) is that they seemed to have looking to improve phone experience at the expense of computer users. I have to work twice as hard to get anything done. In today’s world it is super simple to know what device a person is using and have two pages, one for mobile users and one for computers. Let me write, edit, manage and administer my blog on a computer….


    • I really would have called them back, but since earlier yesterday, the HELP button left home. Did I ask for too much help? Did too many people call and complain? The phone users aren’t happy either. They haven’t been able to comment from their phones for weeks.

      Basically, they have managed to make EVERYONE unhappy. Good show, WordPress! Nothing like keeping your customers happy! (And this IS nothing like it!)

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  3. I doubt we get any sort of prize, modern life is just one frustration after another, and no-one seems efficient these days. This has made me smile as I have so many of this type of conversations every day – we had the wrong stuff from Amazon the other day too – and we’ve had damaged orders too. No wonder I need to lie down in a darkened room sometimes! However, as you rightly say, we have the birds (great pictures again), and nature, and I have medieval history and castles too. Goodness knows what we’d do without them…

    I hope tomorrow goes as well as these things can. All the best.


    • I don’t care WHAT happens. I am NOT calling Customer Service for any reason. I need a break! My favorite Amazon story is how three times in a row they send the container for the item minus the item that was supposed to be in the container. That was when we asked for a refund. It just wasn’t working out.

      It’s really lovely today and other than a long, serious discussion with a determined squirrel, it’s a good day to get out and take a few pictures. Blue skies and sunshine — and it’s even pretty warm. You can’t ask for more.

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      • Yes – at last! Enjoy the good weather, take lots of pictures and forget Amazon. And talk to the squirrels again – they’ll make more sense. 🙂


        • The squirrels feel that free food is a better deal than the stuff they have to dig for. Also, this stuff is clean and healthy. They WANT it and I am just annoying them 😀

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          • Of course they want good quality food – they’re shameless opportunists… 🙂 I remember a squirrel making off with a biscuit from a plate we had outside when we were having tea ‘al fresco’ once. He dug a hole and buried it in the garden for future use. I don’t think he found it again… 🙂


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