I use all kinds of plates and dishware as decorative elements all over my house. It makes sense in the kitchen and dining areas, but I also use them in my bedroom and bathroom and in my bookcases.

This is an arrangement of prints and plates on my small bedroom wall

On the large wall of my bedroom, I used a mid-century mirror from the Algonquin Hotel in NYC as the centerpiece. I surrounded the mirror with prints and plates to create a large vignette across the entire wall.

Long shot of the wall

This is my ‘toilet room’, as you can see by the toilet paper holder in this decorative vignette

This is a decorative baker’s rack used to display plates and chatchkus in the bathroom

Whimsical teapot and teacup in my bookcase

Teacups and matching dessert plates used with bookends to create a fun moment in my bookcase

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  1. It occurs to me that I’ve got pottery all over the house, although most of it is pretty old and some of it is ancient. I have a couple of piece of one of your sets that I really should remember to bring back, but meanwhile, they are on the wall with the little China dogs. I actually FINALLY got rid of most of my spare sets of dishes. Aside from never having large family dinners anymore — and the rare times when we do, I’m more inclined to paper plates than fine China especially considering who’s at the table. Otherwise, I’ve got a nice set for 8 and another set for 6 and some really gorgeous Japanese tea sets that live in a cabinet in the dining room. But at least that part of my life I have found homes for. Now all I need to do it rehome a few hundred antique dolls, a pile of very ancient Chinese porcelain … and my Native American pieces.

    And all those little china dogs (okay, there’s also a blue chicken too) and a few (mostly) Italian glass pieces that I figure will wind up at your place. I just have to remember to pack them!


    • PLEASE don’t bring anything to me, Marilyn! I am running out of space to keep what I already have. I don’t need or want anything more! If I gave you something, I meant for you to keep it. So please give it away or sell it if you don’t want it.


  2. Nice balance there Ellin, they go together quite well.

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    • Thanks, Leslie! I spend a lot of time deciding what goes where and which items work well together. Sometimes I drive myself crazy because I have to try so many things before I settle on the one I want. But once I get it right, it stays forever. I never go back and second guess what I’ve done. Sometimes I don’t have quite the right piece and I go online to find exactly what I’m looking for. But once I’ve made up my mind, that’s it.

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    • Thank you! I take a lot of time to create my ‘vignettes’ in my home. Lots of trial and error. I had to repaint a wall in my guest bathroom because it was so full of holes after my numerous attempts to get the decorative wall arrangement just right.

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      • Ellin, adds life and lustre to all the rooms. It’s great that you make your “throne room” more alluring. I have an old pic of a former Boston Mayor who’s also a friend, hanging over my throne. I’m not sure I should share this info with him.


      • Practice makes perfect, that’s what counts!


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