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I have to admit I don’t have a lot of eyebrow jokes or actual eyebrows. In fact, I hardly have eyebrows now. I did (I think), but they turned white and a lot of them fell out. Turns out, the hair on your head is not the only hair that falls out.

Recently – Photo: Garry Armstrong – Note eyebrows. I used a pencil so they would show. Otherwise, they are white — or just plain missing. AND they are two different shapes. The left one is barely there at all and it’s straight. The right one is curvy and some of the hair is still not white. It’s hard to get really excited about it.

I never really got into eyebrows much. I suppose it’s the glasses. Who can see eyebrows through the eyeglasses?

I still own makeup. I noticed the other day I have not used it in so long, it has dried up. I suppose, no matter how expensive it was, I might as well throw it away. The company that made it went out of business, too, so saving the fancy containers is pointless — one more useless item clogging up my life. Maybe I’ll dump those slippery winter boots too.

I think I’ll go do that. What a good idea, self!

Oh, things to get excited about. While we were at the funeral the other day, I was admiring someone’s hair which was hanging loose. I couldn’t wear my hair loose because we’d be out with the cameras the day before. I have to tie my hair back when I shoot because otherwise, there’s always hair everywhere, including the lens.

I commented that once I’ve pulled my hair back for a day, that’s it. I can’t let it loose because the hair band leaves a dent.

“AHA,” she cried. “I have something for you!” She took this funny, elastic coiled wire off her wrist and gave it to me, saying, “It never leaves a mark on your hair AND it doesn’t pull half of your hair out when you remove it.”

Absolutely true.

So for all you long-hairs out there, try these. I found them on Amazon, but if you live in a real city, they probably have them in the drug store and probably cheaper, too (though the price of hair bands has always been much higher than logic says they should be). We ladies noticed our husbands, all of whom are largely bald, didn’t seem as fascinated by the conversation as we were. Hair is a huge topic for long-haired women. Maybe for short-haired ones too.

Kitsch Spiral Hair Coils: They come in a lot of colors: brunette, red, clear, black, and more.

I suggested the lads let their hair grow, but they seemed to find that funny. I told Garry if he grows his (he has a lot, just not on top), that I’d learn to make those teeny tiny braids and he would look so terribly cool all the guys would envy him.

Not for eyebrows, though, unless yours are really bushy.

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  1. You look good

    On Sat, 11 May 2019, 2:51 AM Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth, wrote:

    > Marilyn Armstrong posted: “RDP Friday: EYEBROW I have to admit I don’t > have a lot of eyebrow jokes or actual eyebrows. In fact, I hardly have > eyebrows now. I did (I think), but they turned white and a lot of them fell > out. Turns out, the hair on your head is not the only hair that” >


  2. Invisibobble! I use these for my hair. My hair is pretty thick and these do leave a ridge, but I never have to worry about them sliding out of my hair like some coated bands do. Eyebrows….if I didn’t pencil mine in, I would look like my cats. Combination of over tweezing when I was younger, and getting singed by a gas heater.


  3. I tweezed mine as a teenager and they never fully recovered. Bangs cover them now anyway. Or what’s left of them

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  4. Who needs eyebrows, anyway? I’ve never understood the latest trend of ‘threading’, which frightens the life out of me. It looks hideously painful and seems to involve everyone having identical painted eyebrows resembling dead slugs. Great post, Marilyn, and very entertaining, and you look lovely in the photo – such a warm smile. 🙂


  5. I don’t have much hair on top either. For a while I let it grow out on the sides and back. Finally decided I looked silly and had it cut back short.


  6. My grandkids use those, they are a charm.


  7. Ohmygodhair! It seems the hairbrush is wearing more of my hair than I am. For years, I have worn turbans that solve the problems of hair styles or growth or anything else. I just cut it short now, put on the turban, and Voila! As for eyebrows, both of which are different, a quick swipe with a pencil does it.


  8. Being fair you’d have a hard time finding my eyebrows without a little liner on them.


  9. I remember eyebrows when they went all the way across each eye… They never matched; one a perfect arc, the other with a rather sardonic quirk. These days, I miss them 😉
    As to hair… I gave up on mine long ago and have hair-envy where Stuart is concerned. His goes halfway down his back when he lets it loose… mine gives up just past the shoulders, no matter what I do.


  10. I got my hair cut just a couple hours ago, and the lady (actually girl, I don’t think she was out of her teens yet) was there just to get her eyebrows done. That must be one of those women things because not once in my life have I ever thought about what my eyebrows look like or messed with them in any way. I’m not sure I’d notice if they were gone…


    • I have heard from many men that really don’t understand women’s obsession with eyebrows. I think it messes up your eyeshadow. But when you don’t WEAR any makeup …


  11. My eyebrows and lashes were always very pale, since I was a natural redhead. In highschool it seemed mandatory for me to use mascara, but I never bothered with the brows, for whatever reason–they didn’t seem to add to my looks, so I skipped it and seemmed to look okay anyhow. Hmm, do those things hold thinner hair well, or just bushy hair? They look good for full hair, but maybe not for hair that is thinner–

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    • They have smaller ones for thinner hair or you can just wrap them one more twist. My hair is thin, too, but three twists does it and they really DON’T pull your hair out. Which for me is a very big plus.

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      • Certainly is–I have some limp black ‘elastic’ bands which are not impressive in their elastic skills anymore, and also avoid actual rubber bands. I’ll look for these if we get to a drugstore and if I remember!


      • When I get my hair(s) cut, I always ask the barber to trim my eyebrows. Only time I think about them. I don’t want to look like the old actor, Oscar Homolka who had BIGLY eyebrows.

        As for the receding hairline, I am still jealous of Mike, my old colleague, sitting in front of us at the memorial service the other day. Mike, in his prime, could double for Rory Calhoun. His hair has turned pure white. But he has so MUCH of it. I am so very jealous of Mike.


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