I have to take a break. Not a one day break. I need like three or four days of almost no work that requires using my right arm. I have a bad tendon in the shoulder, not to mention a massive number of repetitive motion issues — and it hurts a lot. There isn’t much to be done about it because everything is also encased in arthritis, but it is making my life a serious misery.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I spend most of the night trying to find a comfortable position with a variety of cushions, pillows, bed angulation. Nothing helps. It hurts less when I’m up and about, and more when I’m lying down. The weight of my arm pulls it out of the socket and all hell breaks loose. Also, lying on my back puts my unhealed chest off-center. It crunches each time I draw a breath which is both uncomfortable and sometimes, surprisingly painful. I need to work all this stuff out.

The lack of sleep alone is getting me.

It doesn’t mean nothing will get posted. I have an intentional backlog of posts that require little more than checking for correct dates and spelling, then posting. But I have got to let this arm have some rest. That means no lifting heavy stuff — pots and dishes and buckets for floor washing.  And vacuum cleaners.

If I deal with this now, I might actually get my arm back. If I don’t, it will be in permanent pain which I am not enjoying at all.

So I’m finishing my standard posting for the time being and trying to give my arm some time of low stress. This is also going to require that Garry figure out how to cook enough to keep us alive. I’m tired of hearing how he can’t do it.

He can do it. He just doesn’t WANT to do it.

I am also going to have to find a way to shave some money out of the budget and get someone to come in — maybe once a month — to do the heavy stuff. Floor washing and vacuuming and dusting. The house is basically pretty neat and reasonably well-kept, but we are too old to spend even a day doing the heavy work. If we are too old now, we are not getting younger. Time has had its way.

This isn’t goodbye. It’s a temporary withdrawal in the name of keeping my right arm functional. Being a righty, that’s not a real option, either. I need that arm. I’ll probably put some pictures up. I know I shouldn’t be hoisting a heavy camera, but it’s spring. What can I do but take pictures?

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the golden years. Maybe a few brass ones and a hint of copper?

29 thoughts on “A TEMPORARY FINISH LINE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I can see your problem. After I broke my leg I searched for a cleaning lady although it was more persuasion from Mr. Swiss and I am not sorry. We now both need help, although I am more active than Mr. Swiss, he really now feels his 80 years and cooking is also not his thing. I hope you find a solution for your shoulder soon.

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  2. You do need to rest and if you could get some help around the house that would take a lot of pressure off you physically, but not your bank balance, unfortunately. It’s hard when you get to the point of not knowing what else to give up. As for Garry, well sooner or later he’s going to get hungry enough to cook. He’ll just have to take one for the team.


        1. He says he knows people who clean as a second job who are looking for work, so maybe. Garry and I just did the basics, but by the end of the day, we were completely wiped out. He’s 77 and I’m 72 and neither of us is getting younger. So we have to deal with this issue. I’m just not sure HOW.

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    1. Garry made his very first pasta sauce tonight. I pointed out that this is THE easiest meal to make and usually the one where we all started. He has an organizational issue. He didn’t see why he needed to get all the ingredients more or less set up in advance. Or what size pots to use. Or how much water to put in them. But we can’t eat out because he can’t cook. That’s not an option anymore!

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  3. I’m fairly certain Garry wouldn’t’ve starved before you came along and he isn’t going to starve now. This is a good, and very necessary, thing you’re doing for yourself. See you on the other side.


    1. Before I came along, Garry never ate at home. He either ate out or ordered out. He didn’t even own a set of dishes or silverware. Seriously. No pots or pans, no dishes. A few plastic forks. Lots of take-out packets of soy sauce.

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        1. I could get the tripod out of the trunk. The problem is, it’s not a heavy-duty tripod and I’m pretty sure the dogs would knock it — and my expensive camera — all over the dining room floor. I seriously considered getting a more solid tripod, but with three dogs, how solid is it really going to be? You CAN’T keep the Duke out of anyplace where you can’t lock the door. He’s a jumper.


  4. I hope your arm and shoulder feel better. Take a break, take care of yourself, and heal as best you can. We’ll all still be here when you’re ready to jump back into it.


  5. Oh, I think too that you should take some serious time out to get better. I am one of the people who has to die first before I allow myself a rest but with getting older I too realise that we have to think of ourselves and not only of others.
    Yes, Garry MUST learn to pick up some of your work, HH is the same, when I’m not around, NOTHING gets cooked and it’s (for him) restaurant meal at lunch, which they do every day, in varying groups of employees (I always tease him asking if the sand-pit-group has gone out together AGAIN) and fridge-raiding in the evening. Come on, Garry, you’re a big boy; you can do it!
    Take your time Marilyn, PLEASE.
    Garry’s photos of you are always so full of his love for you. I think if I should die HH wouldn’t even find a photo of me because he can’t be bothered ever to take a photo of his heroine 😉


  6. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such horrible problems with your arm, Marilyn. Please do keep in touch and I hope you feel better soon. All the best to you both. 🙂


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