HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: A MOTHER’S WALTZ – Leslie Martel and Marilyn Armstrong

Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 12, 2019

FROM swo8 (Leslie Martel): Today is Mother’s Day. To commemorate this day, we have created a photographic montage of families together. It includes eight generations of my family and three of Marilyn and Garry Armstrong’s families.

The song is bittersweet because to be a mother, is indeed bittersweet. Our children bring us our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows. The couple in the video are my great-grandparents.

My great-grandmother died in childbirth, leaving 3 babies and a husband. When my great-grandfather remarried the children were sent off to their aunt to be raised.

The aunt is the lady sitting by the fireplace. The first photo of children is of my grandmother and her twin sisters. My grandmother being the oldest would have missed her mother the most. In spite of her early losses she became an extraordinary person and had a huge influence on me and my thinking.

To be a mother has got to be one of the most difficult endeavors to undertake in one’s life. We are given this helpless creature for a short period of time to nourish, educate and inspire before they disappear into the ether of adulthood.

As a tribute to mother’s everywhere we dedicate this song, “Mother’s Waltz” by swo8 Blues Jazz and Marilyn Armstrong. 

FROM Serendipity (Marilyn & Garry Armstrong): The melody of A Mother’s Waltz echoes in my mind. I feel as if it is something I remember hearing my mother sing a long time ago, but of course, it is new from swo8 Blues Jazz

The pictures of my family include my mother, me, much younger and my son as a toddler. Pictures of Garry’s family include his mother and father’s wedding, Garry’s dad back from WWII with little Garry on his knee. Garry’s mom as a young woman.

The pictures are family heirlooms that evoke strong and sometimes conflicted feelings.

Music by swo8, with pictures from Leslie Martel (swo8) and Marilyn Armstrong (from both my family and from Garry’s family).

These are memories in music for all mothers.

16 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: A MOTHER’S WALTZ – Leslie Martel and Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Very nice tribute–the hats on the big wedding photo astounded me in being so very uniform! I love the fat baby in the pot too, and the dog, and creatures seen throughout. The music has that bit of Astor Piazzola flare to me–lovely tribute in all.


  2. This made me nearly cry; such a brilliant, joyful, wonderful collection of memories, good and olden times, all the lovely, lovely fat babies (no, chubby wd be more appropriate, they delight me totally), the HUGE wedding photo on Garry’s side, the pets and details in many of them – and that dancing, uplifting music in the background. Absolutely stunning work!


  3. Such a great post, and song, Marilyn. You’re so right, being a mother is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and the most unique. I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day – it seems strange for me to be saying that now, as we have ours over here in March. But I know the sun will have shone for you, and the birds will have come to see you. And the squirrels, no doubt! 🙂


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