Our Country’s Mysteries, by Rich Paschall

There are a lot of things in life we do not understand. The concept of Infinity is one of them. We know space does not just end, but how can it go on forever? When considering space, black holes are another mystery. How can there be these areas of nothingness in the universe? If we fly our spaceship into one, will the “gravitational acceleration” pull us through the space/time continuum into another universe? I guess that is a question for Star Trek fans.

Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, the spheres of Costa Rica, the stone heads of Easter Island and various other ancient structures have remained a mystery despite extensive study. All we have are theories on how and why they came to be. I visited Stonehenge and the placement of these giants stones was certainly a mystery to me.


Quantum computing is a mystery to me and many others, but of course some people, including world leaders, understand it while others do not.

“The noise (from windmills) causes cancer.”     
– Donald Trump

What many of us in the country do not understand is how so many people can follow a leader who has made over 10,000 false statements or flat-out lies to the general public? This is not an opinion, but rather documented fact. News outlets have checked statements and offered proof on these. You Tube videos show Trump contradicting himself or lying to the public and yet his fan base continues to follow despite the obvious lies.

Says troops recently received “one of the biggest pay raises” ever, and that it was the first pay increase in “more than 10 years. 
In fact he claimed it was more than 10 per cent. It was 2.6 per cent. Troops received pay raises every year for the last 3 decades.

It is a mystery to us how so many can follow a leader who insults our allies while praising dictators with a history of violence towards political opponents. Trump counts Kim Jung Un as a friend. This “friend”kills his opponents, starves his people and continues his missile and nuclear programs. Despite recent missile firings, Trump continues to believe in this despot.

“I believe that Kim Jong Un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea, & will do nothing to interfere or end it. He also knows that I am with him.” – Donald Trump May 4, 2019

Trump has met with Vladimir Putin five times and had an hour and a half phone call with him on May 3, 2019. What did they talk about? A few general statements were released but the content of these meetings and conversation are a mystery.

US President Donald Trump (L) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shake hands before attending a joint press conference after a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, on July 16, 2018. – The US and Russian leaders opened an historic summit in Helsinki, with Donald Trump promising an “extraordinary relationship” and Vladimir Putin saying it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world. (Photo by Yuri KADOBNOV / AFP) (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

“The fact that Trump didn’t want the State Department or members of the White House team to know what he was talking with Putin about suggests it was not about advancing our country’s national interest but something more problematic.”  – Andrew S. Weiss, Russia adviser to President Bill Clinton

There is the mystery of why Trump’s fan base continues their allegiance while he shows little or no allegiance to our allies. He has repeatedly insulted our friends, and showed virtually no regard for the opinions of others. This “speak your mind and insult your friends” approach is apparently popular with the right-wing of the Trump base for some perplexing reason.

It is also truly baffling that many can follow a leader of the nation who seems to have little knowledge of the nation he purportedly leads. Time and again Trump has either misstated the facts or shows no interest in them. He may be the first president with such little knowledge of the nation.

The United States entered into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949 to secure the defense and security of member countries against outside threats. A main concern was the action of the Soviet Union on the borders of some western European friends following World War II. In order to deter future armed conflict this multi-nation agreement was signed. It would be important for our leader to know about this. It is a major point in history books. For some bewildering reason, Trump does not know it.

He could read about it on the Department of State website under Office of the Historian. It gives a nice background on many events. He can not read “Milestones in the History of U.S. Foreign Relations” on the website. It was “retired” since his term in office began. The devotion of followers after this continued ignorance of US history and US agreements is mystifying.

We could go on about virtually every aspect of 45’s tenure. His trade war hurts farmers and others. His pulling out of the world-wide climate agreement harms the planet. His relaxing of pollution standards endangers our citizens. His appointment of millionaires and billionaires to government posts for which they know little or nothing harms our democracy. His hate speech at rallies encourages violence in the country. His appointment of extreme right-wing judges at all levels harms the cause of Justice. His tax breaks for the rich has created massive debt for our government. The threat to offset a little of this debt by cutting back on Social Security and Medicare is troublesome to the elderly and disabled. His jokes about shooting immigrants are dangerous. Despite these things, for some inexplicable reason, throngs of followers still cheer him on.

What We Now Understand

In high school and college history classes, we often wondered how a despotic leader like Mussolini or Hitler could have so many devoted followers. They divided their people against one another. They blamed others for their problems. They preached violence against certain religions and ethnic groups. They advocated nationalism above other concerns. They made their followers, no matter how far down the social or economic ladder, follow them in almost blind devotion.

First, you get elected.

How could this be? What hold did these leaders have over their people? Did they actually believe the hate speech they were hearing? These questions presented a mystery our history books could not answer. Recent political events and the following of 45 by so many have given some insight into this mystery.

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Author: Rich Paschall

When the Windows Live Spaces were closed and our sites were sent to Word Press, I thought I might actually write a regular column. A couple years ago I finally decided to try out a weekly entry for a year and published something every Sunday as well as a few other dates. I reached that goal and continued on. I hope you find them interesting. They are my Sunday Night Blog. Thanks to the support of Marilyn Armstrong you may find me from time to time on her blog space, SERENDIPITY. Rich Paschall Education: DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University Employment: Air freight professional

26 thoughts on “WHAT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND – Rich Paschall”

  1. I honestly believe if I really tried to make sense of the world right now, I’d lose MY mind in the process. Sometimes, we really ARE in the rabbit hole. Maybe we will find our way out in this lifetime. I hope so. This is not the way I had hoped to “end” my life. Something a little more upbeat would have been easier on the brain.

    I think we are suffering from an international stress disorder.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If you think today is crazy, tomorrow will likely be crazier. It is the way of things right now. I hope voters come to their senses next time, but despite the overwhelming evidence crying for change, I am afraid it won’t happen.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Rich, it’s also a mystery to me. I keep staring at the people in the background of Donzo’s newsconferences. I used to laugh at them. Now, I am puzzled and, maybe, a bit scared. It’s long ceased being funny. The latest was his assertion that the Tariff war with China was only a minimal thing for Americans. Clearly, he doesn’t care about farmers, grocery store owners, etc who say they’re ALREADY losing MAJOR chunks of income.

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    1. Less than half are followers, but we are not a democracy and the one with the most votes does not always win. The electoral college has give us Bush and Trump. We need to win states and in some cases that’s all but impossible..

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    2. Patricia, it’s abject stupidity. But that’s too easy and obvious an answer. I understand the power and pull of Donzo’s grifting. But how in hades — how do his disciples not see what’s happening?

      I revisited “All The King’s Men” for a partial answer. Robert Penn Warren would probably find Donzo a second cousin of Willie Stark. It’d be satisfying for Donzo tto have an exit similar to Willie Stark. Com to think of it — Brod Cawford would make an excellent Donzo.

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  2. On NPR last week, a reporter was asked if Trump really knew how tariffs worked. “uh, no” was the answer. No kidding. How in the heck does he get away with spouting all this nonsense??

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  3. Rich, that talk on Quantum Computing by Justine Trudeau was staged. He’s no intellectual. He may look good but he’s most likely won’t get elected next time.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. We have a large immigrant population that was brought into Canada by Trudeau senior and they are terribly loyal to him. However, there are lot of them who are upset about the numbers of refugees coming across the border from the south (USA). They feel that it is unfair. They went through legal channels and these people are just waltzing across the border and have all sorts of benefits at our expense. Also, Trudeau junior has been interfering with the judicial system. He claims to be a feminist and supportive of Canada’s indigenous people. He fired our Attorney General – a woman of indigenous origin, because she wouldn’t swing the justice system to the Trudeau will. Once more he tried to cover it up. He’s the ultimate hypocrite.


  4. Reblogged this on rjptalk and commented:

    A few weeks ago we mentioned the great mystery of our nation. We just do not understand why things are this why, but we will drop you a clue at the end. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the discussion.


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