MEANWHILE, LIFE GOES ON – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Meanwhile

I do not think I will ever hear this word again without thinking of Stephen Colbert and the “Meanwhile” sketch on his nightly show.

Tune in. If you have to get the news, you might as well laugh at the same time.

Sometimes, it’s the only laugh I get all day.

13 thoughts on “MEANWHILE, LIFE GOES ON – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. You’re talking here to the ultimate SC fan! He’s the best and he’s (together with Trevor Noah) the only one who provides me with everything I need (and want to, and can handle to) to know on your country’s sad passage…..

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    • Kiki, I must confess I didn’t like Colbert on the comedy channel. I didn ‘t “get” his character. That’s on me. I love his “Late Show”. His comic barrages against Donzo take some of the sting out of the Oval Office follies. Colbert’s razor wit (That I didn’t get on is earlier gig) is refreshing. He doesn’t suffer fools. That’s so joyous in our PC nation, riddled with bozos.
      Wish he’d consider diving into the political pool. No! He doesn’t suffer fools or lame-brain yes men/women.

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      • As a (very) late comer to his Late Show I haven’t heard from him before and don’t know anything about it. But I just love the way he and his geat team are able to make the daily grinds into something so enjoyable…

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