DEALING WITH STRESS? – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #23

How To Deal With Stress 101

And now, it’s mostly legal!

26 thoughts on “DEALING WITH STRESS? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. CBDs from weed–which I call CBGBs–are very big, especially here in Woodstock, home of the hippies. They even have some local cupcakes made with CBD oil and chocolate, and when my friends who work in shops eat them, they giggle a lot and have fun. I haven’t tried them yet, but they sound better than smoke, especially the skunky stuff they make now. The smell of skunk used to mean skunk–now it means weed.

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  2. Well hun, I WOULD, but I’m allergic to most kinds of smoke. Hubby smoked that stuff our entire marriage and claimed it gave him peace and calmed him down. Maybe it did but it also made him indolent and his memory full of holes (which might have happened even if he never touched weed – his mother had the onset of senile dementia when she died). I’ve seen the benefits and I still wouldn’t touch it. I found other ‘adult’ activities to be far more calming. Of course I don’t do THOSE either any more. That might explain a lot!

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    • They don’t call it “dope” for nothing. It makes you stupid. This didn’t bother me when I was younger, but at this point in life, stupid is the one thing I do not want to be. Also, dope is a LOT more powerful than it was years ago. They have refined the strains. Anyway, I can’t smoke anything. I start to cough and can’t stop and it isn’t fun.

      I did make some cannabutter, but it’s too strong for me. IF I ever make it again, I’ll make it at half strength and see if that works better. Really, all I want is a decent night’s sleep.

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      • Have you tried some of the natural sleep aids….lavender on the pillow, valerian tea or capsules, meditation? I’m like you, I don’t sleep ‘well’ very often and it’s a struggle on the days when there’s been a bad night. Now a days I’ve found the right combination that usually puts me out and lets me sleep most of the night uninterrupted. Powered ‘herb’ put into things like spaghetti sauce or sprinkled over pizza might be an answer too. My father, who was staunch LDS, got some herb courtesy of hubby in his spaghetti once when he was staying with us after his chemo treatment and he slept really well and it improved his appetite. Hubby sent home some capsules with powered herb in them for Pop to use as his cancer progressed. I understand the benefits, it even helps with diabetes (allegedly), but I’m still not doing it. Too $$$ for one thing (even the legal stuff, which one can’t get in Utah).


        • The problem isn’t sleeping. It’s barking dogs and pain. Or, pain and barking dogs. I’m not a deep sleeper. I haven’t been since Owen was born — 50 years ago. Mothers of newborns don’t sleep well. They don’t cry very loudly and for me to hear him, I had to sleep very lightly and by the time he was old enough for me to stop listening with one ear, I never figured out how to really sleep again. But I have plenty of things that would help me sleep if I didn’t get constantly awakened by pain or dogs. I am not sure there’s a solution to the dogs. As for the pain, I live in hopes that there’s something someone can do to at least lessen it. I’m in a perfectly fine mood, given the state of the world and all … but some days, there’s nothing that doesn’t hurt.


    • At worst, it puts you to sleep — or makes you eat a dozen donuts. I’m pretty sure at one time at least 40 lbs of me were dope-related. Now, the weight is all cancer-drug related. The pot was more fun.


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