RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY! – Marilyn Armstrong

Flowers Inside – FOTD – 05/16/19

It is cold. It is raining, just stopped raining, or is about to start raining. Most people still have their heat on. I don’t, but it’s not because we aren’t cold. We are cold, but I can’t afford another tank of fuel.

So, we wear layers of clothing. I’m wearing a wool-blend dress and hoodie with wool slipper socks. Garry is equally warmly dressed, except he’s wearing socks and slippers.

This is all one bouquet. It just looks different depending on the angle.
The flowers inside

The flowers are not doing well. They need sun and they aren’t getting any. I feel guilty looking at the garden. I feel I should be explaining that the weather is not my fault. Garry has to explain this to the dogs, too. They don’t like rain. I don’t blame them.

and some very pink daisies

And so, instead of a garden, we have a bouquet on the living room coffee table. It is bright and cheery. Let’s hear it for bouquets and home-grown flowering plants!

26 thoughts on “RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY! – Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. Appreciate the thought! πŸ™‚

          It would be really nice if we could do a weather swap once in a while! Could you use any 20+ C temps and clear blue skies, i wonder???


    1. Today, instead of rain, it was beautiful when I first got up to quiet the barking dogs. Now, it’s playing peek-a-boo, in and out of the clouds. I expect it will rain my tonight, but we get a day off today. Yay! But yeah, all the dampness is not helping either of us. This is not — even before climate change started to mess with us — a very comfortable climate. It can be breathtakingly beautiful, but it is ornery.


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