FOWC with Fandango — Welcome

When this movie came out, I saw it every day for two weeks. I thought — still think — it’s one of the best movies ever made.

I usually went with a friend. I went twice with my mother,  but sometimes I went alone. We have a copy on DVD and it gives me shivers.

Who knew that more than 40 years later, the movie would feel relevant in my country?

22 thoughts on “WELCOME, BIENVENU, WELCOME – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I think it more or less swept the Oscars that year. I’d have to check but it was a really big deal.

      The film earned a total of eight Academy Awards in the 45th Academy Awards:

      Best Director (Bob Fosse)
      Best Actress in a Leading Role (Liza Minnelli)
      Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Joel Grey)
      Best Cinematography (Geoffrey Unsworth)
      Best Film Editing (David Bretherton)
      Best Original Song Score or Adaptation Score (Ralph Burns)
      Best Art Direction (Art Direction: Rolf Zehetbauer and Hans Jürgen Kiebach; Set Decoration: Herbert Strabel)
      Best Sound (Robert Knudson and David Hildyard)


  1. Fritz Wepper, a German TV actor was in the film playing a boyfriend of Lisa Minelli. He is a lot older now, but still appears on TV. We thought it might have been his big chance to become internationally known, but it remained as a single appearance


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