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For a long time, I got two spam messages for every real hit on my site. I was getting almost a thousand spam messages on heavy days. WordPress finally fixed the bug, but it was overwhelming for a while. Was this a record?

I have many questions about spam. The big one is simple. How did a slimy, over-salted canned meat come to be synonymous with electronic junk mail?

Even more puzzling is that people some people still actually eat Spam. You may take that any way you like. In case you didn’t know, it now comes in a variety of flavors. Yum!

Most of my spam comes from a Spanish list server (lista de emails … anything you get from this address is spam) or — and 80% of these were porn. The rest are bots and scams. Legitimate companies do not send thousands of illiterate, nonsensical messages to random blogs.

Then, there are those who ask for advice. They use some version of this message as a comment to a randomly selected post.

“These are in fact fantastic ideas in concerning blogging. You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

Huh? What? It gets better. For completely incoherent, this is one of my favorites. I receive several dozen of these every day:

“Fine way of explaining, and fastidious paragraph to take information concerning my presentation focus, which i am going to convey in academy. Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 5 Online”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A few of my best friends and followers always get mixed in with the spam, so I can’t delete it without looking at it. I have to read through it. Sometimes there are 10 to 15 pages or more, but since there are usually a few real comments mixed in, I have to at least look through all the pages.

Every once in a while, something looks like it might be the real deal … a true comment, but I can’t always tell. When in doubt, I spam it.

If you’ve been trying to comment and aren’t showing up, probably you’re getting dumped into the spam and because I don’t recognize you, you’re getting deleted. If you are a real person, please say something that identifies you as a human and not a machine generated message.

I apologize in advance if I have over-zealously deleted you.

I know that I am by no means alone in getting tons of this garbage. And with all the “spam bots” all over the world, it’s only going to get worse.

So, what do these spammers hope to accomplish by sending me this stuff? The messages never have anything to do with my posts. All are repetitive and obviously generated on a computer programmed by someone whose native language is not English. Most of it is gibberish.

Then again so are many posts on Facebook, so maybe that’s not a good example.

There are the spams that warn me my blog doesn’t display properly on the sender’s computer in Internet Explorer. Why would I care?

There’s are three or four versions assuring me I am brilliant, they love my post about (insert post title) and promise they will tell everyone how useful the information is on my web blog. They always call it a web blog like they just learned the term.

The thing is, while there are many ways you could describe my site, no one could honestly say (not even me) that it’s full of useful information. My stuff may be interesting, thought-provoking, occasionally funny, off-beat and apocryphal, but useful?

I don’t consider it useful and I write it.

There are those that request I exchange links with them and those that would love an invitation to write for my blog, those who suggest I come to their site to see huge penises, hot lesbian sex, hot gay sex, hot sexy sex, huge breasts, gigantic butts, and attractive ladies doing disgusting things with inanimate objects. If not, they would like to sell me some Viagra.

Does anyone actually believe this will generate business?

Make money?

If they believe this, why do they believe it? Does anyone ever respond to these “messages”?

So many questions, so few answers. If anyone has an answer, let me know. I’m baffled. It’s not the only thing about which I’m baffled, mind you, but most of the others are more serious.

Meanwhile, feel free to visit the Spam website. You’ll be glad to know that Spam comes in a wide variety of flavors, including a low sodium version that dodges the question of all that fat but it does lower the salt level. The site includes recipes, a Spam Museum and an online shop where you can buy Spam gear, such as caps, tee shirts, and other strange and wonderful things.

So maybe I do include useful information. I guess it depends on how you feel about Spam.

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27 replies

  1. ha ha ha….. I think it’s because everything with that name is somewhat disgusting…. unless you like it (just like p.o.rn, etc – there MUST be a market, if not nobody would get Spam)


  2. Didn’t Monty Python do a song about Spam?


  3. I read posts and comments through the Reader and find that WordPress does a pretty good job of filtering out the spammy ones so I rarely see them. I do check the list from time to time to make sure a real comment didn’t get caught but it hardly ever happens. Occasionally I find a comment that I think is a bit “off” that has not been picked up. When I do read the comments in the spam list I generally find that they are either trying to sell me something sex-related, offering to help me with my website or they are gibberish just as you described. Often they are attached to a post they have no relevance to or even a photo which would be a dead giveaway even if the writers didn’t have names like porn.comics and hookupprofiles.I find it hard to believe that anyone actually clicks on their links let alone spends any money with them. But maybe it’s all done by bots generating random messages.
    As for the tinned variety of Spam, you can keep that too. I wasn’t aware it came in any other flavours but Spam is Spam, still gross no matter what you put with it.


  4. I think you’re SEO on this webpage could use to make better. It took many hours for me to find this information I was searching for but glad I am to have found this brillliant article! Keep upp the well work!


  5. I used to get the ones that say, “How long you been blogging for?” and “What blogging platform do you use?” (as if it isn’t obvious it’s a WordPress site?) And my favorite, “I’ve been surfing the web for 3 hours today and finally found your site…!” The wording of these messages suggests the basic script was written in 1998 and hasn’t been updated since. Does anyone “surf” the web anymore? I haven’t heard that expression used unironically in decades. Nowadays my spam just wants to sell Nike shoes, Ugh boots and football jerseys. They even stopped trying to sell me Viagra and webcam babes. I don’t know whether to be insulted or not.


  6. I have never met any kind of spam that I liked


    • The spam museum now has even MORE flavors. How about fried spicy spam with mango? Or, instead of bacon. My husband used to like it. Now, the fat makes him kind of sick, but he remembers the good old days of fried spam sandwiches. Of course, that was before all the new flavors.

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  7. Funny you should mention this, my friend keeps getting messages from women wanting to hook up. It’s getting to point now, where he is at the end of his tether and to top it all off he is openly gay.


  8. I, too, manually review what’s in my spam folder in case some legit comments get caught in the spam net. That was challenging when I was getting hundreds of CBD oil comments daily, but I blocked them, as well as other common spam comments. Now they all go right to trash and I only get maybe 10-15 spam messages a day. I bulk delete everything in my trash folder daily.


  9. I grew up eating spam once a week for tea, tasteless stuff. And now i am getting it daily in my mail box.

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  10. Thanks, Janet. I believe I took most of those from my desk. I openend the sliders and put the lens between the bars of the security grill..Had just caught sight of it and loved the reflections..even the ugly blue plastic hot tub cover!!


  11. They call it Spam because most people don’t like it!! Earlier you said you’d done 900,000 posts, Marilyn. Did you perhaps mean you’ve had that many views? I can’t imagine your having done that many posts.

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