They’ve done it again. I don’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.

For those of you who actually use the various settings for your blog? WordPress has, without any notification to users, changed the way it’s done and what can be done … and worse, changed what the things used to mean to something else.

A lot of changes that were easy to find in a single column in the “old dashboard” are spread into other “new” files that I will only try by using an “open in new tab” option. Otherwise, I’m sure it will become the only option I’ve got. I made that mistake with the block editor, which I wanted to look at to see if I was interested (I wasn’t) — and instead, they installed it and made it impossible to get out of it — after which I spent a week trying to get the old one back.

They have set it up so you CAN get the old one back, but ONLY if you pay them much more money — which is to say, their business rate.

I am not a business.

Nor do I have that kind of money to spend on a blog that’s supposed to be fun. Apparently, it is, as always, entirely about money.

Seriously, not merely how things are done is different, but the same headings don’t mean what they used to. Go to your dashboard and try to set up things like your “primary menu” and “comments.”

That they keep fixing things that aren’t broken, but after they change them are indeed broken. These changes make organizing your posts enormously more complicated. My frustration level is over the top.

I don’t have time or energy for this. I pay them money, they give me what they feel like giving me and change what they want without consulting me or anyone else. I’m still simmering about their changing the “fonts” to “Large, Normal, Small, and Unreadable” as opposed to using the same point system in use everywhere else on the web.

I want to be informed about changes WordPress is making and I want a choice about whether or not I use it.


17 thoughts on “WORDPRESS AND REGENERATION – OH NO! – Marilyn Armstrong

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    • I’ve used a block editor. I used it at work constantly because a block editor is what you need when you putting a book together that requires graphics, headers, footers, left/right pagination. Especially when you are adding TOC and appendices and glossaries.

      But for a blog? I wanted this to be SIMPLE. I have no interest in the complexities involved with block editing. if I’m not going to do that kind of editing, I don’t need it. This is my HOBBY, not my career. I did career already. This is downtime.


  2. As you know, I use my iPhone for my blog and I use either the WordPress app or log into WordPress via my browser (either Safari or Chrome). I never migrated to the block editor (didn’t they used to call it the Gutenberg editor?) and, so far, anyway, I haven’t noticed any significant changes in the settings or menus. But I rarely change my blog’s settings or appearance, anyway.


    • I don’t either, so I have no idea how long it’s been going on. But I realized I couldn’t scroll more than 6 posts — and it used to be infinite — so I went to fix the setting. There WAS no setting. They decided on six. They didn’t ask me, didn’t warn me, they just did it. Which pisses me off even more because I PAY these assholes and they always screw with me.

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  3. I haven’t looked into this yet but will do so over the weekend. Sometimes it takes longer before I see the changes.
    They never make announcements any more or really communicate with us at all. It is a very strange way to run a business. Are they counting on the fact that they are the best of a bad bunch? Sooner or later someone may come up with something we like better or maybe we’ll all just leave in disgust.
    I do notice that I’m getting a lot more emails from WordPress with tips to improve my “business”. I’m still on the same plan I was before and I never used to get emails except if they were going to change something.


    • I didn’t notice them until I wanted to change something, discovered I couldn’t change it because they have deleted that function and a lot of stuff is on other pages and it rather weird and extremely ANNOYING.


    • I don’t think they’re doing themselves any favors. I signed up for one more year, but they are threatening major price changes and I’m not willing to pay more money. I don’t think I get my money’s worth NOW so I’m unlikely to feel inclined to pay them more.

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